Home screen

The home screen is the hub of the Edsby experience. From here you can check your upcoming assignments, events, the school news, and new posts in classes or groups.

Here’s an example of a student’s home screen.

  1. School pages
  2. News River
  3. Schedule
  4. Classes
  5. Recent Activity
  6. Groups

Additionally, the Navigation Bar is located at the top of every page on Edsby.

School Pages

Students can access their school or district page from the Edsby homepage. The school page contains a staff list, making it easier to contact any teacher or principal at the school through Edsby. There is also a Knowledge Base, where the school may have posted their policies for students to reference.

Finally, the School News feed is also posted here, in addition to the News River. Students can even post their own News Articles, however, student-submitted articles must be approved by school administrators before they appear on the school page. Click here to learn more about posting News Articles.

News River

Everyone likes to be up to date with the latest news. Edsby makes that easy. When you log in to Edsby there is an engaging News River across the top of your home screen.

It is called the river of news since the news items may come from multiple news “streams”. Each school has their own news stream, and the umbrella organization (district or private school main office) has a news stream as well. The News River collates news from all streams at the top of the home screen.


Each student has their own personalized Edsby schedule. The Schedule on the home page includes:

  • Scheduled classes
  • Assessments from classes
  • Events from classes
  • School events
  • Groups events
  • Personal events created by the student

Students can create their own personal events by clicking the big blue plus sign on their home page calendar and filling out the Event form. Only the student and their parents will be able to see their personal event.

When navigating to other pages in Edsby (classes, groups, school pages, etc.), students may notice that the schedule looks slightly different. That’s because only the home page calendar collates all calendar items into the schedule. The schedule in a group, for example, will only include events relevant to that group. The same is true for classes and the school page.

Schedule Colour Guide

Each color in the Edsby schedule signifies an event, assessments, or class. Here is the schedule color guide:

 Scheduled Classes

 Assessments or class events

 Group events

 School events

 Personal events


Use the Classes section of the home screen to navigate to class pages, access all Class Journals, or view grades and academic feedback through My Work.

To open a class, click on the class name.

To access all journals, click on the pop out button in the corner of classes.

Recent Activity

Recent activity includes posts relevant to Students’ classes, it updates students when a teacher posts new:

  • Assessments
  • Journals
  • Notes
  • Attendance incidences (lates or absences)

Polls and events from classes do not show up in the Recent Activity feed. Additionally, posts from groups or the school page do not show up in Recent Activity. However, whenever a new item is posted in a class or group, an unread counter (red bubble) will appear beside it to notifying students they should check for updates.


Students can access groups they are a member of from the home page. To join a new group click Find More. Click here to learn more about Groups. 

Navigation Bar

The Mailbox includes all incoming and outgoing conversations from the Edsby inbox. When a new message is received, a red bubble will appear.

Compose Message allows students to quickly create a new message to school staff including their teachers, coaches, and principal.

The Calendar, when accessed from the navigation bar, includes all dated events from classes, groups, and the school or district. It also includes upcoming assessments from classes. The calendar can be viewed by month, week, or day. Use the checkboxes on the left panel of the calendar to streamline what events appear in the calendar.

Key third-party websites and applications are integrated into Edsby through the Launchpad for quick access. Some examples include the school website, O365 and Google Docs.

Clicking on the profile in the right corner of the navigation bar also opens a list of functions. Students can change their password and language through Account Settings.