Zoom – Groups

The Groups Zoom provides the following information for each group defined at the school:

  • The icon of the group
  • The name of the group
  • The type of the group (regular, sports, club, professional learning)
  • The style of membership (open or invitation only)
  • The number of members in the group
  • A list of the moderators of the group
  • The number of posts in the group
  • The time of the most recent post in the group

The Groups Zoom facets are used to select a subset of groups. This subset can then be used to create a message addressed to all the selected group moderators or group members.

The Groups Zoom shows all groups created by anyone at the school. You can click on the group name to view the group. This provides a good mechanism for administrative staff to have visibility into the kinds of conversations that are happening in the groups at the school.  This means that it would be unwise for a few teachers to create an invitation-only group called “Surprise Party for the Principal” since the principal would likely see that group in the Groups Zoom!