Zoom – Staff

The Staff Zoom provides the following information for each staff member:

  • Name
  • The staff member’s role in Edsby (“principal” for example)
  • Title (“Grade 5 Teacher” for example)
  • The grade levels this person is currently teaching
  • The number of classes this person is currently teaching
  • The time of this person’s last login to Edsby
  • The current status of the teacher this period (either “in class” or “free”)

The Staff Zoom facets can be used to find a specific subset to staff members (for example, all the teachers teaching Grade 1 and Grade 2 students). You can then use this specific subset of teachers to do things like create a message to all of those teachers, or all of the students of those teachers.

The following Staff Zoom example shows how you can filter staff members by entering a title, in this example, Program Leader. Clicking on Teacher in the Role section, would further reduce this list to teachers who are program leaders.

Staff Zoom