Zoom – Students

The Student Zoom provides the following information for each student:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Grade
  • Student ID
  • The student’s current average, which is calculated across all current classes using all graded summative assessments
  • The current class the student should be in and one of four attendance states: Unknown, Present, Absent, or Late
  • The student’s total number of absences and lates in the current term
  • The time of the student’s last login to Edsby
  • The ability to create a pre-addressed message to students, parents, or students and their parents based on your current search

The Student Zoom facets can be used to find a specific subset of students (for example, all the boys in Grade 9 with averages around 80%).  You can then use this specific subset of students to do things like create a message that is automatically addressed to all the students, the parents of the students, or the parents and the students.

Here is an example of how you can use the Student Zoom to locate a student.


You can send a message to all 352 of your grade 10 students. Click the “10” in the Grade Facet. Click Message Students Only.

Students Zoom - Sending Messages

The Student Zoom can help you find the students with high absenteeism, either by click on the Total Missed & Tardy column or setting a range in Total Absences.


The Reason Away section of the Student Zoom Facet lists all the reasons students are away in the current period. You can use that to find out who is away now and why.