zoom-panelZooms provides powerful data analysis tools to help school administrators manage the school by providing information about people, classes, rooms, and groups.

Each Zoom provides a list view of data. These lists can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Each Zoom also provides a set of facets on the left that enable you to drill down to a specific subset of the list, and then do operations on that subset (like send messages). The facets are based on the columns being displayed.

The general Zoom panel is available to staff members with a role of Principal, Office Head, Office Staff, IT Administrator, and Guidance. [clear]

Zoom Panel Counters

When school is in session, the Zoom panel provides a set of counters that enable you to see an overview of key statistics without ever leaving your Edsby home screen. When you click on a counter you will move to that Zoom page with the filters set to show the details associated with that counter. For example, clicking on “30 in progress” under Classes will jump to the Classes Zoom with the filter set to show only classes currently in session.

Zoom Data Exports

Each of the Zooms provides a way to export the information shown to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This CSV file can then be opened with a variety of spreadsheet, database, or word processing software.