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Social classroom

Edsby creates a social media-like space for every class in every school in a district. Then it puts in the right students and teachers. Automatically. It’s a safe, structured place for a class to interact, share and learn digital citizenship, where even shy kids get a voice. Ideal for flipped classrooms and blended learning.

Assessment & reporting

Edsby’s advanced gradebook gives teachers a way to manage assessments, report grades to the office and share them with students and parents—with no extra work. Results of online tests appear in the gradebook automatically, saving teachers time.

Group collaboration

Edsby groups are safe, managed online collaboration areas. Use groups for school clubs or teams. Or for district-wide professional learning communities and PD. Tight sync with other systems gets your whole community involved without integration headaches.

Timetable & calendar

Edsby talks to the school district’s systems, so it knows where everyone’s supposed to be and when. It’s been built to support all the special schedules K-12 districts use, including custom day cycles, period schedules and holidays.


Parent communication

Using public social media for parent communication is dangerous. Edsby, the world’s best K-12 parent engagement system, lets families see what’s happening with their kids at school with a single, secure app.

Approvals & workflows

Use Edsby to schedule parent-teacher meetings. And obtain field trip approvals. And to submit report card data to the office. And more. With Edsby, interactions with students and parents are faster and more accountable… and use less paper.


Edsby includes a complete real-time online attendance system. Teachers get a fast, simple way of entering attendance. Administrators and staff get a powerful tool for managing and tracking attendance. Parents get a simple interface to check on their kids.

School & district news

Share latest happenings with students and parents. Ensure everybody sees what’s going on without having to send notes home. Even district-level news can be shared among all schools.

Course planning

Powerful features enable teachers to build out curriculum, share it with students and parents and then re-use it year to year.

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