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Assessment & reporting

Edsby’s advanced gradebook gives teachers a way to manage assessments, report grades to the office and share them with students and parents—with no extra work. Results of online tests appear in the gradebook automatically, saving teachers time.

Flexible and feature-rich

Teachers can make summative and formative assessments, enter subjective comments, set powerful weighting, design and reuse rubrics and even exercise professional judgment to impact grades. As grades are entered, averages and distributions are calculated. Failing and missed grades are highlighted, and abnormalities indicated.

Grade the way your district grades

Use and align to your district’s preferred grading and reporting schemes. Edsby does the set-up work for teachers.

Online testing

Create and re-use tests and quizzes. Grades appear in the gradebook.

Evaluate against standards

Tie assessments, observations and lessons to state, provincial or federal expectations, outcomes or standards. Track standards coverage by class or individual student.


Students can showcase their best work in personal electronic portfolios.

Notification of late assignments

Students and parents see grades when teachers choose to reveal them, and if assignments were received on time.

Edsby has improved communication in more ways than I can count.
Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal / Philopateer Christian College
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