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Social Classroom

Edsby creates a social media-like space for every class in every school in a district. Then it puts in the right students and teachers. Automatically. It’s a safe, structured place for a class to interact, share and learn digital citizenship, where even shy kids get a voice. Ideal for flipped classrooms and blended learning.

Automatic setup of students & parents

Edsby uses schools’ systems to set up and manage students and teachers in classes. Teachers don’t have to send codes home for parents.

Polls, tests, files & parent access

Teachers can create polls and online tests, and organize files in a class library. They can also give parents realtime access to assignments and the course plan.

Instant messaging between parents, teachers and students, with email notification

Teachers don’t have to send codes home for parents or manage distribution lists. The office manages parent contact info.

Class announcements

Knowledge base for every classroom

Assignment uploading

School & district-level news

The Edsby learning management system has allowed our 1-to-1 laptop environment to educate beyond the brick and mortar school.
Charles Thacker, Director of Technology / Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, New Mexico
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