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Timetable & calendar

Edsby talks to the school district’s systems, so it can tell everyone where they’re supposed to be and when. It’s been built to support all the special schedules K-12 districts use, including custom day cycles, period schedules and holidays.

Edsby Calendar

Events, assignments, clubs & homework

Edsby shows special events coming up, including tests and field trips. It shows when assignments are due. Students see before class if they need to do something special like print off quizzes. Parents see homework and assignments due… and can even see what class their child is supposed to be in at the time and whether they’ve been marked late or absent.

Shows student & faculty’s daily schedules from district systems, no manual entry

Filter by event types

Notification of late assignments

Student schedule & homework shared with parents

Overdue assignments indicated

One hundred percent of our teachers use Edsby, and almost all our students check Edsby on a daily basis.
Mark Viola, Teacher / St. Michael's College
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