Edsby is the most comprehensive single learning & analytics application available for K-12 school districts and regional governments.

New assessment methodologies

Assess to standards. Capture observations and other learning evidence. Use rubrics & emerging assessment schemes.

Real time student progress

Parents and educators see latest results, overdue assignments, attendance and more, and can intervene if needed.

Gives students voice

Polling. Portfolios of best work. Conversations around assessments. Students can reflect on their work.

Personalized learning

Group assessments with student notes. Assessments for subsets of students. Tagging. Teachers can personalize instruction.

World class analytics

Teachers get the big picture of each of their students. Administrators get even bigger pictures, using live data.

Features for the future of K-12

Edsby is where K-12 is going. Give your teachers tools that work the way you want them to today & tomorrow.

Every day, I use the Edsby journal to write the objectives and assignment. I don't have students asking me, "what did I miss when I was absent?" They know to check Edsby every day in class and where to find their assignments.
Bianca Goolsby, Business Technology Teacher / Jennings Middle School, Hillsborough County Public Schools, 200,000 students and 66,000 parents on Edsby, Tampa, FL
Permission Control Classroom management Assessment & reporting Group collaboration Timetable & calendar Parent engagement Registration & workflows School & district news Analytics

Unlike other systems, Edsby was made just for K-12

Made only for K-12 from the start

Systems originally built for higher education have problems in K-12. Consumer solutions have privacy concerns. And “free” solutions can cost in unexpected ways. Edsby knows about K-12-specific standards and reporting, bell schedules and more… and is only sold to K-12, not universities or businesses.

Outstanding parent management

Parents are critical to a child’s education in K-12. Only Edsby has such well-designed support for them. Parents get realtime insight into what’s happening in class from a single app. Edsby also handles field trip and other approvals, teacher conference scheduling and more.

Strong junior & elementary features

Edsby is chock full of things that make it great for younger grades, not just senior ones, including learning evidence capture and reporting, subjective performance indicators, portfolios of best work, input from and connections with everyone involved in a student’s education and more!

Edsby works your way, not the other way around

Local terminology and processes

K-12 districts each have different policies for assessments, what grades are shared when and more. Unlike other systems that impose their structures, Edsby gives districts freedom to work how they’re used to. Customize Edsby with local terms. Easily add district and/or school brands. Edsby supports custom reports, forms, workflows and apps.

Content reused and kept in-region

Approved curriculum can be loaded into Edsby and made available to teachers year-after-year. Edsby can be configured to use a district’s official assessment schemes, standards, report card templates and policies. And because Edsby is a leading global Microsoft partner and hosted in its datacenters worldwide, sensitive student data stays in customer’s regions.

Reduces district liability

Teachers often introduce privacy and security issues with free software from the Internet. Silos of unsupported and insecure applications create legal and regulatory risk for districts. Edsby consolidates pockets of ad hoc teaching and learning software in a single, enterprise-grade application with outstanding permission & access control.

Edsby is the best educational product I have seen.
Fred Rotgaus, Founder / TeachersConnectTeachers.com

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