Aeries student information system now supported by Edsby

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– SIS among dozens the Edsby learning engagement system synchronizes with, extending the value of key district systems –

ONTARIO, Canada (August 17, 2016) – Edsby®, an innovative cloud-based engagement and data aggregation platform for K-12 education, now synchronizes with the Aeries® student information system (SIS) popular in California K-12 school districts.

Edsby’s new Aeries support, now in production, provides synchronization of roster, grades, attendance, schedule, discipline, IEP, parent, community service and other information similar to that already supported by Edsby’s tight integration with other SISes and related systems.

The Edsby platform incorporates learning management, data aggregation and insightful analytics. It features advanced two-way connections to existing systems so school districts can deploy Edsby on their terms, consistent with existing policies and educational standards. All information in Edsby comes from systems like the SIS—not from manual input. This enables Edsby to be deployed quickly and remain up to date with no additional system management when student, teacher, parent and class data changes are made.

Edsby provides a modern suite of social and mobile-optimized education services to a district or region’s K-12 stakeholders in a way that’s completely aligned with existing policies, procedures and mission critical systems.

“Edsby is embracing open standards such as OneRoster and Ed-Fi. At the same time, our built-in connections to SISes and other data stores enable advanced capabilities beyond simple one-way account provisioning,” said John Myers, Edsby President. “Edsby pushes and pulls information to and from student information systems, HR databases, data warehouses, and other district data systems. Edsby gives districts or whole regions a robust, secure, cross platform, device independent way to share information with their students, teachers and parents.”

Edsby connects directly to a wide array of SIS platforms ranging from large multi-national vendors to smaller regional systems, and even custom systems often used by very large school districts.

About Edsby
Edsby is a modern platform purpose-built for K-12 education that improves student, teacher and parent engagement and helps school districts and governments improve K-12 educational outcomes. Edsby incorporates learning management, data management and analytics. Edsby is developed by CoreFour, a team that has been building scalable, reliable software systems for education organizations around the world for 30 years using latest technology and standards. Edsby is a registered trademark of CoreFour Inc. –

About Aeries
Since opening in 1995, Aeries Software has successfully implemented the Aeries Student Information System in over 690 California public school districts and education agencies, making it the state’s most popular SIS software. Our unmatched experience in the development, implementation, and support of California K-12 SIS applications enables us to provide superior and cost-effective products and services. –

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