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Sorry to learn you’re having problems with Edsby’s latest Android app.

Edsby engineering understands some latest Android devices are experiencing white screen issues. We think we know what’s causing this but could use your help collecting data so as to expedite a fix.

Could you please write us an email at [email protected] with:

  • The brand and model of your device
  • OS version – we assume Android 9 if you’re seeing this behavior
  • Date/time this started happening
  • Try to launch the app again, right now, and please record for us the specific date/time that you retry and your time zone
  • Who you’re logging in as (i.e. Edsby username)
  • Your Edsby server address, in the form of xxxx.edsby.com
  • Your IP address

Once you’ve done the above, we think we can resolve the issue right now with the below. Let us know which stage of this procedure fixes the issue for you.

  1. Try restarting the app, i.e. swipe it off the screen in the app drawer (square button at bottom of home screen) and relaunch it
  2. Try flushing app cache (settings->apps and notifications->Edsby._Storage-> Clear Storage and Clear Cache)
  3. If 2 didn’t work, delete and reinstall the app; this should fully resolve the problem, but the earlier steps will be faster

As mentioned above, please let us know if your email which step fixes your problem.

Thanks for your help and your patience.

And if this helps you, we invite you to revise your Google Play review of Edsby.