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Sorry to learn you may be having problems with notifications in Edsby.

Notifications work as designed in Edsby for most users, so reports of problems with notifications have been difficult for us to reproduce ourselves. Assertions that notifications are “broken” or “don’t work” don’t give enough specifics to track down possible problems. Edsby engineering could use your help collecting data so as to expedite whatever fixes may be required.

Could you please write us an email at [email protected] referencing whatever notification issues you’re having, along with:

  • The brand and model of the device you’re experiencing problems on
  • Its OS and version
  • Whether you’re using Edsby via an app or the web browser interface
  • Who you’re logging in as, i.e. your Edsby username
  • Your Edsby server address, in the form of xxxx.edsby.com
  • Your IP address – to determine, click here
  • An exact as possible indication of the date/times of specific occurence(s)
  • As accurate a description as possible of what you were trying to do, what you were expecting to happen and what you experienced, ideally with screen shots(s). Here are the sorts of things we need to know:
    • Did you set up your notifications in your Edsby app or when logged in via web browser? Notification setups in Edsby are found under Account Settings > Notifications
    • What type of notification were you expecting? Emails? Push notification to your mobile app? Edsby Notification? (the “bell” icon in Edsby, like Facebook’s)
    • What activity had you set a notification for?
    • Did you enable notifications in your mobile device’s OS? Specifically, in Settings > Notifications > Edsby?
    • Did you receive anything at all? Have you experimented with other types of notifications for the same activity? If you aren’t receiving a push to your mobile for a specific activity, can you receive an email notification for that same activity?

Thanks in advance for your help. We’re committed to fixing any problems. Your assistance will help us do so.