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Sorry to learn you’re having problems with Edsby’s app failing or experiencing “white screen” issues.

Edsby engineering could use your help collecting data so as to expedite a fix.

Could you please write us an email at [email protected] referencing the specific issue you found, with:

  • The brand and model of your device
  • OS version
  • Who you’re logging in as, i.e. Edsby username
  • Your Edsby server address, in the form of xxxx.edsby.com
  • Your IP address – to determine, click here
  • An exact as possible indication of the date/times of the latest occurence(s) and/or others
  • As accurate a description as possible of what you were trying to do, what you were expecting to happen and what you experienced, ideally with screen shots(s)

Thanks in advance for your help. We’re committed to improving our apps. Your assistance will help us do so.

A reminder that the primary Edsby user experience is via desktop or laptop web browser. Point a browser to your school or district’s Edsby server address, in the form of http://xxxx.edsby.com, where xxxx is your Edsby server address.