Edsby and Unison receive highest interoperability certification

Project Unicorn - EdTech Tools Interoperability Certification - Tier 4 - 2023-01-11

InnovateEDU’s Project Unicorn today announced Edsby’s social learning platform for K-12 and its Unison education data middleware system have both have earned Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification.

Both products were certified to the organization’s highest level of interoperability, level 4.

Project Unicorn aims to promote the responsible use of student data. The certification process is designed to ensure that companies meet standards for data privacy, security, and ethical use of student data.

To be certified, a product must complete a self-assessment and undergo a third-party audit to verify it meets certification criteria, including:

  • Being transparent about data collection and use
  • Securing student data
  • Being accountable for data breaches
  • Giving parents and students control over their data

Project Unicorn certification enables edtech companies to ensure they are providing safe and responsible services to students and their families. It is also an important way for schools, districts and other organizations to ensure the edtech services they use are protecting student data.

“We’re asked by customers to aggregate and standardize their most critical current and past educational data while managing its security. This data never lives in just a single place, so interoperability is core to everything we do,” said Dallas Kachan, Edsby VP Marketing.

Read Project Unicorn’s announcement here.