Edsby helping teach kids about life online

Young students build important digital skills with Edsby.

Edsby is playing a role in helping students learn online safety & responsibility.

The Tampa Tribune and eSchool News write about how students in the Tampa, Florida area are being trained in how to handle themselves online. The initiative goes hand-in-hand with a new “BYOD” (bring your own device) program that is letting kids in the Tampa area bring their phones, tablets and laptops to school.

From the Tribune article:

Nikki Rideout, a media specialist at Woodbridge Elementary School, said teaching students how to act online has become part of her job.

“The media specialist position has changed so much,” Rideout said. “We are no longer keepers of the books. It’s an instructional technology piece we’ve brought under our wing.”

So far this school year, Rideout has met with several classes each week and other teachers have requested that she work with their classes, too. She has the students practice their social media skills on Edsby, the district’s online gradebook and communication site.

“The students are so receptive,” Rideout said.

More than a quarter of a million students, teachers and parents in the Tampa region make heavy use of Edsby.