Edsby to be implemented by two new Saskatchewan school districts

Edsby in Saskatchewan

Two school districts in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan have announced plans to adopt the Edsby digital learning platform for K-12 as their district-wide learning management system for all students, parents and teachers in the new school year.

Prince Albert Catholic School Division and Light of Christ Catholic Schools are both to begin using Edsby in the upcoming school year. Following an orientation session for teachers at Light of Christ Catholic, staff were pleased with the simplicity and security of the application, writes the Battlefords Now news outlet.

The Daily Herald reported similar reactions from the board of education and teachers at Prince Albert Catholic Schools. Director of Education Lorel Trumier praised Edsby for keeping teachers, parents, and students informed and engaged through simple and powerful features.

“[Edsby] is described as a Facebook of education and mobile-friendly,” states Trumier.

Parents play a critical role in learning. Light of Christ Catholic Schools parents found it challenging and overwhelming at times to use multiple platforms to manage their child’s education in an efficient way.

With Edsby, that is no longer expected to be the case.

“Edsby really does support what teachers do in the classroom, and I think it is really important to know that this is a whole learning management system,” school coordinator Michelle Thomas states.

“We are just used to having a grade-book as a teacher, and this learning system management portal and portal for all students… using one system. It’s a way for all of the learners and all of the people that are involved with that child as a learner to become involved.”

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