Edsby wins Readers’ Choice Awards from T.H.E. Journal

Publication awards Edsby “Most Valuable In Schools” and “Top 10 Favorite Technologies Currently Used”

More than 1,000 readers of T.H.E. Journal magazine voted this year to recognize Edsby with two more distinctions in the publication’s Readers’ Choice awards for 2016, naming Edsby in the first two categories of this year’s awards.

Edsby won Silver for the technology “most valuable in your schools.” From the magazine’s roundup of the most valuable technology winners:

“Three names showed up in vote after vote: Lexia, Chromebooks and Edsby, in that order … Edsby, which took silver, earned this accolade from a respondent: ‘It continues to be the heart of our school community online. It has increased the voice of our students, centralized announcements, assignments and document resources and given staff a way to work differently together.'”

Edsby was also named among the “top 10 favorite technologies” used by the 1,003 educators who responded to the survey.

Read the T.H.E. Journal article in its entirety here.

This makes 20 recent awards and distinctions for Edsby.