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Edsby review EdTechReview

“A great blend of learning management and insightful analytics for school districts,” writes EdTechReview in an Edsby review.

Edsby gives school districts, regions or national governments better student, teacher and parent engagement, improved educational outcomes and new insight into educational effectiveness. Unlike standalone LMS, data warehouse or business intelligence systems, Edsby has the tightest, most innovative connections to a district’s SIS/SMS and other key systems and data. It respects regional policies, terms and standards and data sovereignty needs. And, designed specifically for K-12, it includes features that make it great for junior grades, not just senior ones.

Edsby review

In its Edsby review, it calls Edsby a great way to keep families informed of what’s going on at school, and commends it for its ease of use.

In our opinion this is a cool tool that keeps parents, students, teachers and administration in a loop paving ways to stay informed for the overall wellbeing of students. The ease to use is another point that makes it a big hit among all.

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