Edsby tip: Students in different Edsby orgs

If you’re a parent wanting to participate in your children’s education, yet your kids belong to different school districts, or private schools, with their own Edsby systems, how do you monitor them?

Your situation is rare; most families have their kids in the same education system. But logging into different Edsby systems at the same time from a single device is totally doable.

Via mobile

The Edsby app only allows users to configure one Edsby server address at a time. But there’s something of a workaround. Configure the Edsby app on your phone to check one of your children at their unique Edsby server address and the login you were given. Then use a tab on the web browser of your mobile device to check another, by entering their Edsby server address as the URL and the credentials you were given for that system. Then, save the tab to your mobile device’s home screen as a website shortcut, so it appears with its own icon, much like the Edsby app has its own icon. You can even place it right beside the Edsby icon. Repeat for as many children as you have.

It works great–you’ll get essentially the same experience for checking each of your children, though you may find that different organizations, and even individual teachers, may have different policies on what information they choose to share through Edsby.

Instructions for saving website shortcuts on both iOS and Android devices can be found here.

Via web browser

Parents can log into multiple Edsby systems at the same time from separate tabs on their desktop or laptop web browsers. Open a new tab on your browser and log into your first child’s system at its unique Edsby server address, e.g. yyyy.edsby.com, using the credentials you were given. Open another tab in the same browser and log into your second child’s unique Edsby server address, e.g. zzzz.edsby.com with the credentials the second organization gave you. Repeat for as many children as you have. Like your mobile device, above, you can even save desktop links of the browser tabs for each of your children for easy access.

Multiple children in the same district or private school?

This is a separate issue. If you’re a parent seeking to add multiple children in the same Edsby school or district to your single Edsby parent account, the info you want is here.