On Edsby’s new learning analytics

Edsby’s new analytics capabilities are getting industry attention.

Edsby introduced new breakthrough learning analytics capabilities at ISTE 2016. The new features enable school districts, regions and even whole countries to identify at-risk students and find trends in achievement data in real-time.

The edtech press wrote nice things about Edsby’s new analytics system.

EdTech Digest

In High on EdTech in the Mile High City, former New York City Department of Education Instructional Technology Director Mark Gura, called Edsby “sophisticated and capable.”

For the experienced school, one that has already successfully begun its digital journey and is now ready to take advantage of technology’s potential for next-level teaching and learning, it’s good to know that smart people like those behind Edsby have developed a truly sophisticated and wonderfully capable LMS … My half hour sit down with this company showed me that they know what they are doing, thoroughly understanding the needs of schools…

THE Journal

In Edsby Intros New Learning Analytics, Leila Meyer of THE Journal noted how more than a million records are entering the Edsby learning record store every academic day… from one school district alone.

Tech & Learning

A Tech & Learning blog hit some brief highlights:

Features and capabilities include:

  • Insights from the Edsby learning management system and other sources

  • Identification of at-risk students and improvement areas

  • Scalability for large school districts

And the publication ran Edsby’s full announcement.

Education Dive

Roger Riddell of Education Dive wrote about Edsby’s new capabilities in two roundups from ISTE: In Tuesday at ISTE 2016: 21st Century administrators and 1:1 best practices, he cited Edsby’s ability to incorporate other LMS or other data and its massive scalability.

The new analytics engine can offer data insights from Edsby’s own LMS or others, can identify where students are struggling most and suggest instruction corrections or additional PD for educators, and can be scaled for even the largest districts.

In Riddell’s best-of-ISTE roundup, 7 ed tech tools to note from ISTE 2016, he called Edsby’s new analytics one of this year’s biggest ISTE takeaways, describing its value in helping districts, regions or whole countries zero in on students at risk.

The upgrade is set to simplify the identification of achievement trends in real-time across populations ranging from a single class to the whole district. Educators will also be able to more easily pinpoint students at risk of failing. The beefed-up analytics engine will also be able to provide educators with suggestions on how to alter instruction for struggling students or additional PD they can participate in.

District Administration

In New analytics enable real-time insights for K12 school districts, Ariana Fine of District Administration noted the sort of instant insight that Edsby offers is critical.

“To make good data-driven decisions, you’ve got to be looking at current data. It does no good to be driving down the highway and see a sign that reads ‘Cheap gas 10 miles ago,'” said Scott Welch, Edsby Co-Founder.

EdNet Insight

EdNet Insight picked up Edsby’s announcement.