EdTech Digest On Why It Selected Edsby as 2021 LMS

Edsby “picks up where today’s LMSes leave off”

Edsby was the 2021 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Award winner for best learning management system (LMS). Judges selected Edsby over other finalists, such as Schoology, Edgenuity, NEO LMS and 11 others.

EdTech Digest, the online publication that publishes the awards, explains why in a new article profiling Edsby.

“The Edsby digital learning platform picks up where many of today’s LMSes leave off when it comes to the unique needs of K-12. Whereas lightweight systems like Google Classroom might only offer blended learning and rudimentary assessments, and traditional LMSes like Canvas, originally designed for higher education, are fuller featured, they aim to serve intermediate and senior years of K-12. What makes Edsby unique is that it has been purpose-built for the enterprise needs of K-12 districts and governments. Unlike other systems, it serves the needs of early year and elementary teachers, students and their parents—not just senior ones.”

Other things set Edsby apart, too, according to the publication.

“Its parent communication and workflow are hard to beat; its market-leading assessment and reporting seem to surpass those built into mainstream LMSes and SISes—and all in a centrally managed, enterprise grade platform customized to the specific needs of individual districts or whole regions.”

EdTech Cool Tool Awards undergo evaluation from a panel of educators, entrepreneurs, journalists and technology professionals. It’s Edsby’s second time winning the LMS category. The first time was in 2015.

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