First all-Edsby graduating class

Kids in the graduating class this year at Toronto District Christian High School (“TDChristian”), a private school in the Toronto area, are the first to have used Edsby every year since they started high school.

That means these students are the first to have never known high school without Edsby!

TDChristian was the first school to adopt Edsby when it was first introduced in September 2011. Edsby worked closely with the school to incorporate feedback, and add features and improve the product.

Robin at TDChristian

Edsby developer and former TDChristian student Robin Wallar addresses graduates at the school’s 2015 graduation breakfast

To mark the occasion, Edsby donated an Edsby logo t-shirt to every student in the graduating class, and they were enthusiastically received. Some immediately started asking friends to sign the backs of their t-shirts. A couple said they planned to tie-dye their shirts.

Students Edsby spoke with at TDChristian said they still think Edsby is “so cute”, enjoyed when Edsby “dressed up for different occasions” and thought Edsby’s tweets were “really funny.”

Shirt Signing

Kids sign each others’ Edsby shirts at TDChristian

Edsby will miss you, TDChristian grads! Best of luck!

(Want Edsby stuff, too? Do you know about the Edsby store?)


Edsby Graduation


Edsby congratulates the 2015 graduating class of TDChristian, and all other graduating classes this year