School Setup

The School Setup form can be edited by the Senior Admin and Office(Head) roles.

School Picture/Logo

To set a new icon or replace an existing icon for the School or District click Browse. The icon will be visible to the school’s faculty, students.

School Contact Information

This section lists the name, address, and contact information from the Student Information System. This information may be visible on reports cards. If information is missing or incorrect, check Override Contact Information in Student Information System and correct or add information. To revert to the information in the Student Information uncheck the box. The information will revert after the next synchronization. Synchronization typically happen between 1 am and 5 am.

School Type

The contents of this field can be seen in the District IT Admin’s Schools Zoom and is used to simplify deploying district-level reporting periods. The field is not visible to teachers, students, or parents.

Additional News Moderators

Use this section to grant the ability to manage the School Page to additional staff. People in this list will be able to control what articles appear in the News River, create and edit events on the school calendar, and edit the Important content area. The Senior Admin, School IT of Office Head roles all possess the ability to manage these areas of the school page.

Note that the Support/Other Staff and Ancillary roles do not have the permissions to create News River articles for approval. However, adding people with this role will give them the ability to approved articles, create and edit school calendar events, and edit the Import content area.

Students and parents cannot be added to the Moderator list.

Principal Order

This section may be used to print the name of the principal on report cards. Requires names to be listed in the Key Contacts panel. Names can be added to Key Contacts panel by closing the School Information form and clicking the word Staff to open the panel. Click add to key contacts. Once added to the Key Contact list, the School Information form can be used to set the correct name of the principal for report cards.