About Classes – Browser

Classes are the heart of how Edsby helps students. Every class includes an effective way for students to engage with teachers and classmates, view class information, and submit assignments.

The Classes Panel

On the left side of the student’s Home Screen is the Classes Panel. This panel provides a brief overview of students’ classes, including:

  1. Name of Class
  2. New assessment grades that have been shared
  3. Unread Counter indicating the number of new posts in the class
  4. Course Code
  5. Teacher’s name and picture

Access all Class Journals by clicking the pop-out.

Hover over a class name to reveal the My Work button. Clicking this brings you to your My Work Report for that specific class.

If available, a button will be visible at the bottom of the Classes Panel to view any Report Cards of the current school year.

Enter a Class by clicking its name.

Inside a Class

Included in each Class is:

  1. A Teachers Panel
  2. Pinned Items
  3. Students Panel
  4. Content Panel containing all of the content for the course
  5. A field to post a note (if enabled by the teacher)
  6. Class Feed
  7. Class Calendar
  8. Journal Panel displaying the most recent journal entries
  9. Class Library for uploaded media

Contributing to the Shared Classroom

In the Edsby Classroom, students can have a conversation with their teacher and classmates. Consider posting if you’re having trouble with the homework and want to ask for help, or if you want to help another classmate.

Anything posted in the class feed is visible to the teacher and students are unable to delete a post.

Class Content

On the left side of a class is the Content Panel. Underneath Content, each student has a progress bar that tracks their progression through the content. Any items of content a student has marked complete will be indicated by a green check mark.

Click Content to open the panel and click on any item in the list to view the content.

Use the Next and Previous arrows to navigate through the Content.

When you have completed an item, click Mark Complete. This will display a green check mark next to the item and update your progress bar.

You can also set the state of your learning on a particular item of content by clicking the emoji at the top left. Let your teacher know if you understand the content, find it confusing, or already know it!

You can submit assignments, contribute to Discussions, and participate in Polls from the Content Panel.

Class Calendar

The Class Calendar on the right side of the Class screen lists all events and assignment dates relevant to the specific class. The events of each Class Calendar are merged on your Home Screen’s Personal Calendar.

Class Journal

In your Classes, your teachers may use the Journal to communicate learning objectives and student expectations. View the most recent Journal entry your teacher has made in the Journal Panel on the right side of the Home Screen.

Click Journal to view all Journal entries for the specific class.

Use Journals to remind you of what you are learning in each class as well as keep you up-to-date on homework and learning goals.

Viewing Grades and Assignments through My Work

Every class has a grades and assignment report called My Work. Students can access it by hovering over the class name and clicking My Work or from within a class by clicking the My Work link at the top of the page.

The My Work Report has 5 tabs: Graph, Assessments, Standards/Expectations, Attendance, and Previous Report Cards.


The My Work report initially opens to a graph of the student’s grades in the class, depicting their academic progression.


The Assessments tab provides a detailed breakdown of incomplete, upcoming, and graded assessments as well as the results of any the teacher has chosen to share.

If your teacher comments or changes grades on an assessment, a blue chat bubble will appear on it.

Use this to ask any questions about how to complete the assignment or if you have any concerns about how it was marked.


Students can see how they’re doing on each specific expectation/standard for a class in the Standards/Expectations tab. These are a checklist of skills that teachers use to assess student performance in class.

You can see the performance indicator when your teacher makes an observation on an expectation for you.

The performance indicators from lowest to highest are: red, yellow, green, blue.

Previous Report Cards

The Previous Report Cards tab displays any previous report cards that have been published through Edsby.

Click here for more information about the My Work Report.

Viewing Rubrics

Rubrics are a scoring scale that provide a set of criteria for achievement and the descriptions of levels of achievement. Teachers can attach Rubrics to assignments within Edsby for students to view and understand the assignment expectations.

To view a rubric attached to an assignment, click the name of the assessment in either Recent Activity or the Class Feed.

Click the name of the rubric to open it.

You can also view rubrics in the Assessments Tab of My Work.

Submitting Assignments Online

Edsby enables teachers the ability to create assignments that can be handed in online. There are multiple places an assignment can be submitted in Edsby, but for the teacher to receive the assignment, it only needs to be submitted one time in one place within Edsby.

To submit an assignment online through Edsby, view it in My Work, your Personal Calendar, your Recent Activity feed, or the feed of the class where the assignment is due. A Submit button will appear next to the assignment.

In the form that opens, use the icons to attach a file, photo, video, or link. Add a comment with your submission.

The assignment will move to Ungraded Assessments in My Work until the teacher has reviewed it and assigned a grade.

Switching Between Classes

Easily switch between classes by using the Class picker at the top left of any class screen in Edsby.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the class to reveal a list of the other classes you are enrolled in.

Select one from the list to enter it.

You’ll jump to the same screen of the new class as the one you were in when you picked a new class. For example, if you’re in your My Work Report from one class, using the Class picker to navigate to a new class will bring you to your My Work Report for the new class.