Teaching Your Parents About Edsby

Your parents care about your education and want to support you through your learning journey. Edsby enables your parents to keep up-to-date with your school life, grades, and assignments. Why not show them the ropes and help them get the most out of Edsby?

Logging In

Your parents need their own Edsby accounts. They should not be logging in to your student account. Your school will issue an invitation email to parents at their email address that enables them to set up their own parent account on your Edsby system.

In addition to accessing Edsby through a desktop browser or mobile browser, your parents can keep up-to-date with your schooling on their mobile device by using the Edsby Mobile App. Show them how to download the app by directing them to either Google Play or the App Store.

Just like when you log into Edsby, your parents need to type in the correct Edsby server address for your school or district. Consider telling them to bookmark the Edsby login page for easier access. Or, if they are using the mobile app, remind them the same server address is required there too.


With so many things happening inside Edsby, it is important to stay organized and up-to-date. Edsby makes this easy by enabling various notifications to ensure parents are notified of the important things happening within your school, classes, and calendars, as well as their own groups.

Your parents can access their Notification Settings by clicking Settings on their mobile Home Screen.

Or, if they are using a browser, they can access them by clicking the drop-down arrow next to their name and selecting Settings from the menu.

Select Notifications.

This will provide your parent with a form to select and update Notifications regarding their own Personal Calendar, your School, you and any siblings you have, and your parent’s own Groups.

You parents can choose to receive notifications through Email, Edsby itself, or straight to their mobile device.

Click here for a helpful resource on Notifications for Parents.

Checking the News River

The News River at the top of the Edsby Home Screen provides your parents with the news regarding the school district and each school they have children at.

Clicking an article from the News River opens the full article.

This is a great way for your parents to stay informed about everything happening at your school!

Managing Multiple Students

If your parent has multiple children, they will all be merged onto the parent’s single Edsby account.

On their Home Screen, they are provided with a list of their children. Show them how to scroll through each of their children and view the various options they have for each.

For each child, your parent can Plan an Absence, view their Portfolio and Learning Story, view their Classes, Recent Activity, and Calendar events. These quick links are the best ways to stay up-to-date on each of their children.

Student Calendars

Clicking Calendar under your name on your parent’s account will display your Personal Calendar.

Here they can see each of the classes you have in the day and if you have any upcoming assessments or events. Your parents can also schedule an absence for you from this screen.

Viewing Grades and Assignments with My Work

If your parents want to see a detailed list of your upcoming assessments and any grades your teacher has shared, they can do so your My Work, available both on mobile and a browser.

On mobile, My Work is available by clicking Classes under your name, selecting a class, and clicking My Work in the header.

Here your parents can see a list of class assessments and any grades that have been assigned.

Your My Work Report is available to your parents on a browser by hovering over the class name in your Classes Panel and clicking the My Work button.

Messaging a Teacher

There may be times when your parents want to message one of your teachers. Edsby makes this easy with Edsby Messages.

Your parents each have a mailbox available by clicking the envelope icon in their mobile Navigation Bar.

Here they can view previous conversations as well as compose a new message by clicking the icon in the top right.

Show them how to type in your teacher’s name in the recipient box and how to attach any files, if desired.

Language Settings

Edsby is available in over 35 languages. By default, Edsby inherits the language of the web browser it is being accessed on. Additionally, Edsby supports Microsoft Translator and Google Translate browser extensions to enable your parents to translate any content within Edsby. This enables your parents, if they don’t speak English, to use Edsby to gain insights into your progress at school in the language they prefer.

Language settings can be changed both in the browser as well as the Edsby mobile app. On a browser, show your parents how to click the drop-down arrow next to their name and select Settings.

On mobile, your parents just click Settings on their Home Screen.

Select Other Settings.

Your parents can change their preferred language in Edsby by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting one of the languages listed.

Ensure your parents click Save to update their settings. Click here for more information on using Google Translate or Microsoft Translator with Edsby.

If your parents ever have any additional Edsby questions, direct them to the parent support section of the Edsby website available at https://www.edsby.com/help/parents/.