Attendance is accessed from the teacher’s home screen during class hours.


The Class also has an Attendance link in the upper right.


Identify the late or absent students by clicking A or L. The remaining students can be marked Present by clicking the title of the Present column.


Click Share with office. 

Changing the attendance state submission

The attendance sheet can be updated by the teacher by navigating to the Class and clicking the Attendance link in the upper right.

If the teacher has reported a student absent in error and needs to change the state to present, do this:

Click the Absent chicklet. In this example, 10:05a Absent.


The Attendance Change form appears. Click Present and Save.


Confirming late arrivals

The Notification icon will alert teachers to outstanding Late Slips. Click on the Notification icon and confirm if the student present in class or absent from class. The attendance sheet is updated and the School Office is notified.


Confirming late arrivals on the attendance sheet.

Some schools do not use Late Slips, and teachers are required to update the attendance sheet. When a student arrives late to class with Late Slip in hand, the teacher can confirm the student’s arrival time by clicking L. In this example, the Office has entered a comment that the student was issued a Late Slip at 10:25.


As a result of clicking L, the student is listed as late at the start of the class, and currently present. To adjust arrival time, click on the Present chicklet and change the time.


To record a student’s departure from class, do this:

  1. Open the attendance sheet and click A.
  2. The Attendance Change form appears.
  3. Click Save.

If school policy dictates, select a reason. The comment is optional and will be seen by the Office, student, and parent.

Taking attendance for another teacher

To take attendance for any class, do this:

  1. Select Home.
  2. Select the link to Classes under the school name. The Classes Zoom link includes a count of the classes at the school, the example shows a school with 312 classes.


Teachers can locate the name of the class in several ways, including:

  • Entering the of the class or teacher in Search.
  • Selecting a teacher’s name.
  • Filtering the list to In Session and Attendance not submitted.


  1. Once the class name has been located, click Take Attendance.
  2. Identify the late or absent students.
  3. Click the Present column title.
  4. Click Share with office.