Report Cards

The Report Card application appears in your classes prior to a report card deadline. The report card includes marked summative assessments for the dates listed at the top of the form. The due date for report card submission is displayed next to the reporting period.


Review Assessments

To see which summative assessments are included in the reporting period, click Show Assessments.


Initially the list includes any summative assessment that has a date within the reporting date range. To exclude any assessment from this report card, hover over the date and click Exclude.


Edsby will inform you of any summative assessments that do not have a Due Date.

Click Edit Assessment List. To include an assessment in the report card, hover over the date area and click Include.

If you have created assessments without a due date for future units, you will see those assessments in the list. You do not have to clear this list or enter due dates. When you are satisfied the report card includes the correct set of assessments you can begin entering the student information.

Entering student grades and comments

The report card lists each student’s attendance history and the current calculated average. The number you enter in the Grade column will appear on the student’s report card, the Calculated Average does not appear on the report card.

To copy the Calculated Average column to the Grade column, click the grey arrow next to the calculated average. To automatically round up the grade, click the Grade column and hit the space bar. The grade will be rounded up, for example, Libby’s 82.5 calculated average was rounded up to 83.

Green arrows indicate the grade is more than the calculated average. Red arrows indicate the grade is less than the calculated average. The arrow appears when the Calculated Average and Grade differ by more than 1%.The yellow exclamation point indicates the grade differs by more 5% or more.

To complete the report, enter the learning skill evaluations and a comment. Within a row, you can tab through the columns. In the learning skills columns you can either click or tap in the cell to access a drop down list, or type E, G, S, N. If you enter the wrong letter, just type another letter.

Tab into the comment field and hit space to activate the field. Once you’ve entered the comment, click tab to move to the next line.

You can open the student’s Perspective by clicking on the student name.


Your work is always saved

While you cannot submit the report card to the office until all the fields have been completed, the report card will save all entries so you can leave the report card at anytime.

Submit to office

Once you complete the report card, click Submit to office. You cannot submit the report until every cell has an entry.


Until the due date, you can make changes to the report card by clicking Unlock for Editing.


Once you’ve completed your changes, click Resubmit to office.


Submitting to office does not share report card information with students or parents. The report card information goes through your school’s existing vetting, printing, and mailing processes.