High grades for Edsby on edtech review site

What do teachers and parents who use Edsby really think about it?

Education app review site EdShelf now features a flurry of new reviews of Edsby written by educators and parents. These latest reviewers have been using the most recent version of the Edsby modern learning management system for K-12 school districts. Here are some excerpts.

Lisa Andersen, Parent:

It’s never easy making technology changes once you are used to something else. However, Edsby has gotten better in the past few years that our school district has used it … I love that it Edsby is up to date and easy to retrieve my children’s work. It’s a practical tool that helps me as a parent, and my children to be able to stay on top of their daily work … My family has found it to be an excellent way to keep informed and up to date daily on my children’s classwork and with their teachers.

Jonathan Boer, Art Educator:

I used Edsby at my last school in Ontario, and wish I had it at my new school in British Columbia … Edsby is quite comprehensive in terms of what it can do, and yet maintains an up to date, user friendly interface that doesn’t feel cumbersome. In my opinion, it is already superior to Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle, and Google Classroom as a learning management system. I would definitely recommend Edsby.

Ira Glover, Teacher:

Edsby has become a permanent fixture within my classroom. With my students having access to iPads, it is very easy to upload documents and post them so that students can access the documents and complete tasks in the classroom or at home without having to acquire a paper copy of the task. Also, Edsby allows me as the teacher to input student grades and add comments for students about their progress.

David Lee, Vice Principal:

We began using Edsby this fall and the whole school loves it! The interface is easy to use and is very student friendly. Parents love that they can keep up to date on what is happening at the school and with their children. The fact that it draws information directly from our S.I.S. makes updates easy. We use it for classes as well as clubs, teams, PLCs and a lot of other groups within the school … We recommend Edsby without hesitation.

Will Lammers, Vice Principal:

We are into our third year of using Edsby as a learning management system. I will unequivocally say that it has become a critical and positive factor in the communication that happens in all of the curricular and extra-curricular life of our school … students and parents have completely bought in to using this product on a daily basis, to access both homework and information on marks, and, although there were some early “kinks” associated with difficultly in accessing Edsby from mobile devices, Edsby helped all users resolve these difficulties effectively and quickly.

Julie Cole, Parent:

I have found Edsby invaluable. My son has some executive functioning issues, and being able to connect home, student and school in such an effective way has been a life-saver for this busy mother!

Leslieann McLean-Bruno, Parent:

I use this tool for my son who is in Grade 9. It helps me to feel connected with what he is doing at school. I know when to ease up on him on chores and other family activities because I can see what he is doing at school … this is a great app and I wish that my other son in Grade 6 had it at his school. I tell any parent or teacher at other schools about it.

Paul Vieux, Parent:

My wife and I use Edsby to stay on top of our two kids’ progress at school. We’ve used other things to follow their grades before, but Edsby is more than just grades… we see their homework, attendance, and even what their daily schedule is. Our kids aren’t the biggest fans of Edsby, because we get to see everything they’re doing and sometimes they get privileges taken away if their grades dip(!), but there’s no question in my mind that Edsby is making them and their classmates better students.

John Butcher, Teacher:

Our school has been using every feature of Edsby for 3 years now – it is quite simply the best of breed when it comes to LMS portals. There is nothing I have seen that comes close to its power, simplicity of use, and – most importantly – educational effectiveness … We looked at all the other big names in LMS portals, but none held a candle to Edsby’s power or simplicity. You really have to see it in action to believe it.

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