Edsby review by MindShare Learning

MindShare Learning Edsby Review

Organization’s Edsby review describes it as “simple and powerful” and “first-rate.”

MindShare Learning, an edtech strategy consulting, news, and events company, has published a review of the Edsby digital learning platform for K-12. Chief Learning Officer Tim Gard assesses how well Edsby meets the needs of school districts and states/provinces’ objectives in managing learning.

Many digital learning and data platforms, Gard writes in his Edsby review, offer one or several modest features, but most lack the breadth of tools, intuitive interface, deep understanding of data collection, assessment and communication required between stakeholders in K-12. Edsby, he finds, “provides the right balance of tools with the right amount of social media-like simplicity and power.”

Focusing on Edsby’s assessment capabilities, Gard writes that it provides the right frameworks that reflect the essence of K-12 data collection and management “without causing anguish in the process.”

Assessment, whether for, as or of learning, is the rich fabric of learning and Edsby provides the right kind of framework to make this happen for all partners in learning.

Edsby provides a teacher with the ability to plan, collect, assess, and report multiple different assessment artifacts using many different tools and multiple frames of reference. I found the ability to collect ‘evidence’ a powerful way to convey to both students and parents during the interview cycle the full scope of his/her learning. 

Gard calls the Edsby gradebook the most comprehensive he’s seen.

Multiple forms of assessment are supported. You are not contained by a narrow assessment schema. You can use assessment as defined by your district, state or province’s assessment policies. This is the powerful core of Edsby! You are not contained by the philosophy of the program’s designers or a limited set of features. You can change your assessment to meet the needs of your teaching context. In short, Edsby’s team has developed a full-fledged assessment regimen that is modern, comprehensive and rich.

Gard concludes his Edsby review by calling the all-in-one solution “comprehensive, robust, intelligent and efficient.”

Edsby is the sine qua non for digital learning, assessment keeping, and K-12 class and school communication in the 21st century. Designed specifically for the K-12 market, Edsby contains all the necessary tools that a teacher, student, parent and administrator would require to meet the clear and straightforward mandate of teaching and learning in today’s educational contexts.

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