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Not finding your school or district?


If your school or district has Edsby…

You need to find out your Edsby server address.

If your school or district isn’t showing up but you know it runs Edsby, you need to find out what its Edsby server address is. Every Edsby system has its own unique Edsby address, like http://sdhc.edsby.com. That’s where you should be logging in. Ask your school what your Edsby server address is. Then bookmark it and log in there directly in the future. You don’t even need to visit the Edsby website.

If your school or district doesn’t have Edsby…

You can’t log in quite yet.

Edsby ties in closely with your school district’s systems. You can’t self-register an account and just “try it out.” Your school district must obtain Edsby, set it up and then invite you in. If your district doesn’t already use Edsby, ask it to.

Confused about all the above? Get support.