Parents encouraged to focus more on teachers’ comments in report cards

End of year report cards don’t tell the whole story, educators say


With the school year winding up, report cards are on everyone’s minds. But experts caution there are more nuances to reports on a child’s education than what’s suggested by their final grades.

Educators offer reminders in a story on the subject by CTV Windsor.

The Superintendent of Education at the Greater Essex County District School Board, Clara Howitt, says parents should focus more on teacher’s comments.

“I encourage parents to read the entire report card, not just the grade,” says Howitt. “Those comments are very rich and valuable. It’s not the only method and it shouldn’t be the first method.”

Howitt also noted communication with educators should be happening throughout the year: face-to-face, by telephone and even via online through systems like Edsby… which her district uses for its 35,000 students and their parents.

“It takes a community to raise a child and do great things, so that communication needs to be happening all the time,” adds Howitt.

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