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The Edsby Platform

An advanced learning and analysis system for K-12

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Safe, secure learning management, analytics & data management JUST for K-12

Business solutions are a poor fit in K-12. They cost too much, are too hard to support and aren’t built for educational scale. Or they don’t come with the powerful parent support and access control critical in K-12.

Systems originally built for higher education have the same problems. Consumer solutions like Facebook prompt privacy concerns. Home made technology is high risk and rarely state-of-the-art. And “free” solutions can be problematic and cost in unexpected ways.

Edsby was built specifically for K-12. It knows that parents are critical to a child’s education and has well-designed support for them. It knows about K-12-specfic standards and reporting. And it’s chock full of features that make it great for junior grades, not just senior ones.

Localizable for your district

Local policies drive regional educational standards. Districts all have different ways of doing assessments, calculating and sharing grades, choosing what to share with parents and more. So unlike fixed LMS systems that impose their structures on you, Edsby gives you freedom to work exactly how your region wants to… and keeps your data in your neighborhood.

  • Use local assessment schemes
  • Customize with local terms
  • Easily add district and school brand
  • Support for custom reports
  • Custom forms, workflows and apps
  • Use district’s existing report card in Edsby
  • Customizations preserved when system is updated
  • A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby can be hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud in your region, keeping your data close to you

Modern cloud architecture

Don’t worry about hardware upgrades, software upgrades or system monitoring. As a modern cloud-based application, Edsby takes care of all that and more around the clock:

  • True web 2.0-era solution: HTML5-based, no Java, Flash or ActiveX
  • No local data to back up
  • Secure, encrypted communications
  • State of the art hosting on Microsoft Azure global network
  • Timely security updates
  • District-controlled authentication
  • Comprehensive forensic logging

Built to standards

As members of the Digital Learning AllianceIMS Global and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), Edsby takes industry standards seriously. Edsby supports LTI 1.0, SCORM, SAML, oAuth, Google SSO, Active Directory, AzureAD, LDAP and more. Its data store is Tin Can/xAPI and Caliper Analytics-ready. QTI and LTI 2 are in the roadmap.

Thanks to you and your team for such a great product and all your support for our implementation. I can't recall many projects that have gone so well.
Mary Guthrie, CIO / Greater Essex County District School Board


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