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Choosing a strong password

Edsby wants to be sure your account is appropriately protected. When you log in to Edsby your password is evaluated to assess its strength. If it doesn’t meet the strength guidelines configured for your system you will be asked to select a new stronger password. Creating a new password is easy. First, you need to […]

Forgotten Passwords

If a parent forgets their password, they should click "Forgot password?" on their Edsby login screen and follow the instructions on the screen. In some cases, a parent may not have access to the email associated with their Edsby account or the Forgot Password button may be unavailable. In this case, teachers, the principal, guidance [...]

Sending messages with Edsby

When students want to communicate with a teacher but don’t want to post in the class, they can send a private Edsby message to their teacher. Teachers can send private Edsby messages to students and parents. Be aware: administrators can see students’ inboxes. Messages in Edsby are never deleted because of the security and compliance […]

Syncing Edsby calendars with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook

Calendars are a core aspect of Edsby. Edsby maintains many separate calendars within each user’s account: calendars for groups, classes, school news, etc. Users can synchronize the contents of any of their Edsby calendars with popular calendar software, including Outlook’s calendar, Google Calendar, or virtually any other calendar program that can pull information from external […]

Resetting or choosing a new password

Users’ Edsby password may be reset or a new password chosen from within Edsby settings. To choose a new password on a web browser, navigate to the drop-down menu found next to the name in the top right corner of the account and select Settings. On the mobile app, Settings may be found under the […]

Adding multiple children to a parent account

In most cases, parents receive a separate email from the school or district for each child student they have in the district. You need each of these emails to link them to a single Edsby parent account. Click the link(s) in the email(s) you were sent and a browser will send you to a screen like the below on the left: Assuming […]

How do I view a class journal?

The class journal is one of the most effective tools on Edsby for communicating learning objectives and student expectations. As such, it is important that parents on Edsby are able to keep track of Journal entries and see what their children are learning. For parents to view class Journal entries on Edsby, they simply need to […]

How do I see previous classes?

Your Edsby homepage only displays classes currently active. Once a reporting period/semester is over, finished classes are archived and new ones take their place. If you would like to view grades, assessments and other materials from a completed class, click the word “Classes” in your classes list, or the blue arrow at the top right […]

What does “Login for this username temporarily disabled” mean?

You’ll see this message for generally one of three reasons: All logins temporarily disabled – Your school district or individual school may have turned turned off Edsby logins for a time, for instance over the summer break. They usually turn Edsby on again a few days before the start of school after they’ve input all […]

How to get an Edsby parent account

If you’re a parent at a school or district that uses Edsby, ask the office at your school for an account on their Edsby system. You can’t just set up an account yourself. Your account needs to be connected to that of your child, or children. So the school must set up the account for you. […]