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My report cards grades are different from my Edsby grades. Why?

Many school districts allow their teachers to exercise professional judgement when assigning students’ final grades. So, while Edsby may have reported certain grades to you throughout the school year based on your assessments and how teachers have been weighting them (not all of your tests and exams get the same weight, i.e. are worth the same to […]

My grades have disappeared from Edsby. Why?

Some school districts that observe a quarterly schedule sometimes choose to give students a “blank slate” in Edsby when each quarter begins. This is an academic policy of the district. These districts have configured Edsby to hide students’ previous quarter’s grades when the new quarter begins. It’s not an Edsby bug—it’s how these districts want things in Edsby. Students and […]

How do I update my Edsby profile picture?

Schools and school districts that use Edsby generally choose not to allow students to manage their own profile pictures as a matter of policy. Some import official school pictures as students’ Edsby picture. Some don’t allow any pictures at all and only use a default icon for every student. If your school or district has imported a […]

Sending messages with Edsby

When students want to communicate with a teacher but don’t want to post in the class, they can send a private message. Be aware, administrators see students’ inboxes and messages cannot be deleted for security and compliance reasons. Click the mail icon in the navigation bar to access the inbox and view all past messages. […]

How to enable online submissions of assignments

To enable students to submit a file as their work for an assessment, select File Upload on the assessment’s form. You can enable or disable online submissions at any time. Students will see a submit button on their home screens and My Work. Students access My Work from the home

Where are my report card sheets?

For school districts using Edsby for report cards, report card sheets are generated for teachers every reporting period which are pre-populated with Edsby gradebook and attendance data to make completing them easier. Usually, these report card forms are made available to teachers near the end of a reporting period at a time chosen by a […]

Importing a CSV file into Edsby’s gradebook

Edsby allows teachers to import CSV files into the gradebook to generate graded or ungraded assessments. To use this feature, just open the gear menu in the gradebook and select “Import.” This will open the following form: Edsby needs to know which values are which, so you will need to match up the required fields […]

Gradebook: Why can a perfect grade cause an average to drop?

If you have a gradebook on Edsby which has a large number of graded and weighted assessments, you may have noticed some peculiar behavior. Sometimes, when you give a student 100% for an assignment, this can actually cause their overall average to drop! Don’t panic, the gradebook and weighting form are working correctly. Before a […]

Gradebook: Do empty buckets have weight?

Since the buckets in the weighting form always add up to 100%, you may assume that an empty one would automatically subtract its value from a student’s overall average. In Edsby’s Gradebook, this is not the case. If there is an empty bucket, the grading will not include that percentage when calculating the average. To […]