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Gradebook: How do I copy the same grade to multiple students?

This is often useful when an assessment is of the Yes/No variety or other assessments where many students have the same result. Simply enter the grade for a single student, click and hold the bottom right hand corner of that gradebook cell, and drag down to copy this grade to multiple students.

Can I change my Edsby profile picture?

Edsby normally allows teachers and other school/district staff to change their pictures. By default, this is done by clicking on the picture in your profile (click on your name in the top right of any Edsby screen, and select Profile). However, some districts have intentionally disabled this capability and don’t allow staff to change their photos […]

Flagging overdue assessments

Using the Grade Gadget in the Gradebook, Edsby allows teachers to mark an assessment as Overdue even if the due date has not yet passed. This will be visible on both the student’s and their parent’s Edsby homepage. If e-submission is enabled for an assessment and the submission date has passed, the assessment will automatically […]

Creating bonus grades and assessments

Edsby allows teachers to create assessments which either contribute to the student’s overall average, have no effect on the average, or are “bonus” and are only able to contribute to the average in a positive way. To create a bonus assessment, select the bonus option under “Grading” on the assessment form. Like normal assessments, bonus […]

Easy navigation between classes

Clicking the blue dropdown arrow next to the name of the course enables you to jump to your other classes while staying on the current view. For example, if you are in the gradebook, you can navigate to other gradebooks. If you are in the planner, you can navigate to the Planner of different classes.

Who has access to my classes, and how do I control this?

Within each class is a Setup menu only available to teachers. To access it, click the three line “hamburger” menu at the right of the Classes’ navigation panel and select Setup. Within the Class Settings, teachers will find settings for student and parents that govern their level of access to the class. These settings only […]

Edsby and browser compatibility

Edsby is a modern web application that uses modern web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver a powerful and elegant user experience using the web. For this to work properly you need to have a reasonably modern web browser that is designed to support these popular web standards. Browser upgrades are free, and each […]

How to log into the Edsby platform

If you have an account on an Edsby system, log in at the Edsby URL provided by your school or district. You might find it on your school or district’s website, or may have to ask your school directly. It will resemble https://your-server.edsby.com, where “your-server” is a name unique to your school or district. Whether […]