Superior-Greenstone District School Board adopts Edsby

Northern Ontario school district rolls out Edsby to all its students, teachers and parents

Superior-Greenstone District School Board (SGDSB), a school district spanning the rugged north shore of Lake Superior in the Canadian province of Ontario, is one of the latest to adopt the Edsby learning and analytics platform for each one of its students, teachers and parents.

In recent announcements SGDSB says it chose Edsby “to allow for easier communication of important school information such as attendance, school news and important dates with parents, guardians and students.”

Parents and guardians will be able to access their childrens’ academic information and school news starting the new school year this September via web browser or using Edsby apps for mobile devices, available free from their device’s app store 24/7. “Edsby is a safe, and secure online environment and only those individuals granted access will be allowed to see school and student information,” says the district.

David Tamblyn, Director of Education at Superior-Greenstone District School Board states, “our schools recognize the important role that strong family partnerships have in supporting our learners throughout their educational journey with Superior-Greenstone District School Board … In choosing Edsby as our parent engagement platform, we hope that communication and collaboration for student success becomes even easier for our families and mutually beneficial to all.”

Read details of SGDSB’s Edsby plans here and here.

SGDSB is the latest in a long list of districts in the region that have adopted Edsby.