TeacherCast on Edsby demo

Edsby demo to TeacherCast

TeacherCast founder Jeff Bradbury (L) sat down for a chat and product introduction with Edsby co-founder Scott Welch (R). And he was impressed by what he saw. Some of Jeff’s comments after the Edsby demo:

An amazing system.

School districts are flocking to this.

This is deep and complete!

Edsby seems like a perfect solution for every school district. An easy way to communicate between parents, students and administrators. The data is fantastic.

If you haven’t checked out Edsby yet, certainly do.

I’m thinking about this for my own school district. If we sign up for Edsby ourselves, we can get rid of “this program” and “this program” and “this program.”

Watch the full interview and Edsby demo here.

For your own demonstration of Edsby, click here.