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The Unison Education Data Platform & Managed Service

Because expensive data warehouses alone aren't the answer

Solutions for student data require much more than just aggregation. They need a secure architecture that respects who should have access to what data, so it can be used effectively and safely.

Unison standardizes current and past educational data and makes it interoperable while managing the complex access rights across applications and users.

It eliminates data silos and ensures better education data quality and actionability across a region… safely and securely.


Connects anyone to anything

Multi-source bi-directional data transformation and sync

Enforces regional policies

Enables state, provincial or federal education data governance

Supports life-long learning

Comprehensive student records for school, college & career

Talks to today’s and tomorrow’s systems

Open standards & dozens of proprietary connections, easy to add more

Lets users use existing applications & logins

Flexible authentication models

Data stays with student in school transfers

Foundation for electronic student records

Gives stakeholders more data, not less

High resolution student data, not lowest common denominator

Engages all stakeholders in the conversation

Enables teams of educators to support individual student success

Protects sensitive student data

Roles-based permissions and access control at the field level

Data retained by customer

No retention or use of customer data

Systems & standards today

With proven capability of adding new connections & protocols


Data security as a core tenet

Unison takes student data seriously.

We do not co-opt, retain, monetize or do anything with customers’ data. Comprehensive safeguards ensure nobody else can, either.

Our business is making relevant student information available, safely and securely and at the right times to those who need it. And only to those who need it.

Keeping information safe and maintaining privacy is paramount. Working as a guardian and protector of information is a responsibility core to what we do.

Managing for success

Advisory services

Problem Solving
Client Collaboration
Technical Skills
Centrally managed

Foundation for data governance

    Federal Legislature
    Laws safeguarding student data, and mandating how it is to be used, and not to be used.
    State, Provincial Dept. of Ed
    What teachers, principals and parents should be able to access. When and why.
    Every K-12 school
    Uniformity in datakeeping. Portability of selected data in student transfers.
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    Higher education
    Which student records get shared automatically and which don’t.
    Other gov't services, e.g. Health care
    Which relevant records should be made available.

Case Study: New Zealand

New Zealand educators were finding it increasingly hard to access valuable information about learners, especially as they moved between schools.

In December 2018, the Ministry of Education selected Unison for data consolidation and records management across the country’s 2,500+ education data systems.

Rolling out country-wide.

Public bid, prototyping, RFI/RFP, contract negotiations.

Regular synchronization with each via both proprietary sync and newly implemented national standard for analytics and electronic student records supporting lifelong learning.

Culmination of carefully considered multi-year Ministry of Education initiative called Te Rito., after the Māori word for the inner leaf of the harakeke (flax) plant. Reference to keeping the child at the core of the project. 

“When learners shift between schools, the information that their new school needs to know will travel with them.”
Te Rito

New Zealand Ministry of Education

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