The Problem

Why is it hard to put data to work In Education?

Many stakeholders & unique needs

Not everyone should see all data from all sources at all times

Outdated systems

Most legacy databases don’t support current access requirements

Complicated datasets
Understanding the whole student requires more than just assessment results
Data warehousing inadequate

Data needs to be real-time to be useful

Regional differences
Every region has unique assessment & reporting policies
Open standards limitations
Not all systems can or want to embrace standards

The larger or more decentralised a region is, the more heterogenous, and older, its systems. And the harder it is to ensure interoperability and establish an overall education data governance framework. Fragmented systems probably cost a region in more ways than it knows.

Bespoke software solutions intended to converge a region’s data for analysis come at high cost. Nor do they solve the problem of edtech software interoperability.

Use cases

four stakeholder challenges with education data


Historical student data

“How did my new students this year do on past similar subject matter?”

Attendance Patterns

Increase in absences across region brought to attention of local health officials.

Curriculum distribution

Accessing and using approved state, provincial or national digital content.


Special needs

IEP and other special needs info that can follow students through their journeys.

Enter Unison

How Unison helps

How the Unison education data switch and managed service addresses the complexity of education data for regions.