Why one top teacher loves Edsby

Luis Alvarez, top row from left, Karen Barmore, Patrick Boyko, Reagan Lawrence, bottom row from left, Amanda Morin and Leronya Vaughn-Dunmore are up for this year’s Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year honours. Photo: Tampa Tribune.

Hillsborough County in Florida, one of the largest school districts in the U.S., is naming its teacher of the year this week. And at least one of the candidates is a vocal Edsby advocate.

In an interview this week with the Tampa Tribune, seventh-grade teacher Amanda Morin at Walker Middle Magnet School said she’s become a fan of Edsby, which the district rolled out this school year for teachers to use in posting post grades and interacting with students and parents.

“I hardly ever get an email from a parent asking for clarification on what’s going on,” she told the Tampa Tribune. “I would say that means I’m communicating well with them.”

Edsby gives teachers powerful ways to communicate electronically and engage with parents. Teachers no longer have to run their own mail lists, which become out of date over time, or worry about the exact rights that each parent has with regard to each of their children—a factor in today’s world of blended families. (Read more about how Edsby helps teachers connect with parents.)

Morin is a proponent of the school district’s new bring-your-own-device program. She says she puts a heavy emphasis on technology in her seventh-grade civics class, where students come in and watch news clips on their computers and answer questions about current events.

Edsby was adopted district-wide by Hillsborough County in 2013 and rolled out this year.