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Capturing Evidence of Learning

Edsby provides both teachers and students with tools to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can create Learning Stories to share the learning evidence with students and parents. As a student, you can capture evidence regarding your own earning through your Learning Story. Access your Learning Story under the Classes Panel on your […]

Class and Gradebook Setup

  Your organization configures the Class and Gradebook Settings with the recommended configuration to save teachers’ time, so you may not need to adjust them. However, these Settings can be accessed by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top right of the Class and selecting Setup. You can also access the Class and Gradebook Settings […]

EdsbyLive for Microsoft Teams

About EdsbyLive An organization can choose to enable the Go Live feature within Edsby. Once enabled, a teacher can create a secure Teams meeting on the fly by clicking the Go Live Now button within a Class. Students in the class will be able to join via a button in Edsby (no ugly URL exposed) […]

Adding Additional Teachers to Classes

To support team-teaching, teachers and school administrators can add additional teachers to Classes. To add another teacher to a class, navigate to the Class Setup form. Under Teachers and Assistants, search for the name of the teacher to add. Select the role they will have in the class by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting […]

Engaging Your Edsby Parents

Edsby helps teachers make connections between home and school by involving parents in their child’s learning, giving them a glimpse into their child’s classroom and school life. As a teacher, you might be interested in increasing parent engagement in your student’s learning. Edsby gives teachers a variety of tools that can help parents take an […]

Communicating with Your Child’s Teachers

Edsby enables parents to easily communicate with their children’s teachers. You can communicate and interact with the teachers of your children through Edsby Messages, Recent Activity, and your child’s Learning Story. Edsby Messages The easiest way to ask your child’s teacher a question is to send them a private message using Edsby Messages. Access your […]

Helping Your Child Get the Most out of Edsby

You care about your child’s education and want to support them through their learning journey. Edsby enables students to keep up-to-date with their school life, grades, and assignments. Why not show them the ropes and help them get the most out of Edsby? The Student Interface When students first login, their Home Screen is the […]

Helping Your Child with Edsby Capture

The Edsby Capture App, available via the App Store and Google Play, gives students a simple way to record evidence of their own learning. After a record is uploaded, it is automatically added to the teacher’s Evidence stream. Help your child get started with using Edsby Capture! Downloading the App The Edsby Capture App is […]

Parent Quickstart

Edsby is designed to meet the needs of K-12 parents with tools that are purpose-built to help parents to review their child’s academic progress, stay up-to-date on school and classroom announcements, as well as communicate with their children’s teachers. Jump to a Section Activating your Edsby Account Logging In Setting Up Notifications Home Screen The […]

Inviting Parents to a Group

If teachers would like to parents to communicate with each other and the teacher they can invite them to a parent group. First, create a group to invite parents to. In this example, Christopher Nelson, an Art teacher, would like to create a group to collaborate with the parents of his 6th Grade Art students. […]