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Edsby for school administrators

Edsby for administrators

In-depth information on every student and their status. And great new ways to engage parents.

A 360-degree view of any student

Edsby gives school and district administrators a complete up-to-the-minute dashboard on any student. When a parent calls, Edsby can show a student’s current classes, grades, attendance, schedule, observations teachers have made, workload, whether they’re getting assignments in on time, discipline records and more.

Edsby also lets administrators see if a student has special needs. And all the parents and guardians of the student and exactly what rights each has (in today’s world of blended families, not all parents can approve field trips, for instance.)

Edsby gives much more comprehensive and useful information than any student information system (SIS). This information is secure and available only to teachers and school staff.

Find at-risk and other students

The powerful Edsby zoom feature allows administrators to quickly drill down. Filter and sort students by grade, class, teacher, and a host of other tags and badges, such as “peanut allergies” or “IEP”. Once a set of students has been identified, zoom provides powerful capabilities allowing administrators to track, identify and plan for kids at risk—and easily bring their parents into the process.

Track what’s going on in a school or district

Edsby automatically logs activity for all the students in a school or district. It shows school or district administrators what they need to know. Whether it’s academic progress, changes to a student’s address or a teacher posting a discipline event, latest developments are always logged and available and reportable.

Realtime view of students, teachers and courses

The Edsby home screen for principals and staff shows what’s going on right now. They can see how many students and staff are absent. Or how many classes are being taught, or what field trips are happening. Click on anything and drill down for more information. Need to find a teacher with a spare next period? Need to find out what class a particular student is in right now? Or whether maintenance can go into a particular room? Edsby can say.

As a member of a team supporting Edsby at our district, I knew well its benefits for administration and teaching. Now I’m a parent with our son starting JK, and when that notification pops up on my phone that new evidence is posted for him, there are no words. Talk about a game changer!
Peter Anello, Technology Enabled Learning Facilitator / Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board

Distribute news and memos in seconds, not hours

Edsby includes an easy way to share school news with the whole school community. Students and teachers can draft messages for the news feed, but Edsby only publishes them after they are approved by an administrator with permissions. And Edsby is the perfect way to communicate with parents and students. Edsby lets staff message all the students or parents in the school, in a class or grade, or only selected groups.

Message specific groups

Edsby can quickly and easily send messages to very targeted groups. Want to send a message to parents of kids with IEPs? No problem. Want to remind kids in grade 9 with averages under 60% that there’s extra help available? It’s just a few seconds away with Edsby. How about letting all of the kids of a particular teacher know she’s away with a sprained ankle? Again, Edsby makes it easy.

Bring parents into the education process

Edsby helps schools and districts leverage the untapped army of parents that want to help their kids succeed. It’s been hard to let parents into the academic tent in the past. Edsby changes all this, by offering well thought-out (and free) access to Edsby for parents—not as an afterthought, but by design.

Edsby helps parents get a better sense of where their kids are at in school. When they see assignments, tests, homework, absentee data and more, they become more enrolled in their childrens’ success. And that leads to better results for students.

Powerful tools for district-wide collaborative inquiry & professional learning

It’s harder and more expensive than ever to get teachers together at the same time and place. The group collaboration capabilities of Edsby help build collaborative inquiry online and foster professional learning anytime, anywhere—even across a whole district. More about Edsby for professional development »

Edsby is always willing to work with us and listen regarding enhancements to the platform. Most requests we’ve had have made it into production quickly. We don’t see a lot of this from other vendors.
Michael Cain, Teaching & Learning Consultant / Durham Catholic District School Board - 22,000 students & their parents on Edsby