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Edsby for parents

Edsby for parents

The world’s best K-12 parent engagement system, Edsby lets families see what’s happening with their kids at school and helps them play a more active part in their childrens’ education.

Everything about a child’s education, in real time

Parents want their children to get the best education they can. That’s where Edsby comes in. Edsby shows what each child is doing, and how they’re doing. It pulls together up-to-the-minute information, including grades, homework and attendance. And the specifics of what is being taught in each class each day.

One app to rule them all

Because Edsby is installed by the school district and used by ALL a kids’ teachers, parents can do away with the mishmash of websites, social media sites and apps individual teachers may have used in the past for parent communication. They just need Edsby—and just one login, no matter how many children they have or what school in the district they’re in.

Edsby shows each child’s school calendar

Sometimes it feels like you need to be a Ph.D to figure out complicated school timetables. Edsby knows about and shares the timetable for a parent’s kids, including custom day cycles and period schedules, as well as information on important upcoming tests, events, assignments, field trips or other appointments. Edsby will automatically remind parents when they need to do something. It even knows about games and events in the clubs and teams children are members of. It’s a great reference to have when booking doctor’s appointments and holidays.

Edsby’s calendar is optimized for printing, too. Daily, weekly and monthly calendars can be printed and stuck on the fridge.

Parental communication and engagement

Edsby shows latest important news from school and the school district. It also has an easy, convenient way to contact the school office or teachers. Some parents are still just getting paper notes from their school passed along in their kids’ backpacks. Or only a few parent teacher interviews a year. Edsby gives parents a way to communicate, in both directions, with the professionals shaping their children’s education… and even has electronic field trip approvals and parent-teacher meeting booking built-in.

Modern family relationships

Edsby has sophisticated definitions of parents, relatives and guardians, and a comprehensive access control system. Details »

Connect with other parents

If the district enables it, parents can participate in online groups with other parents. Parents that choose to get involved with sports or other special interest groups can have an impact on their community even greater than simply that of their child’s education.

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How do I get an Edsby parent account?

In most cases, parents receive an Edsby account from their child’s school or school district through a special invitation email. Details here. If you haven’t received this email from your child’s school or district, contact them to ensure they have your correct email address.

An exception is Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida. Parents with students at Hillsborough schools use a Hillsborough system called mySPOT for securely creating accounts that can be used to log into Edsby and other online systems in the district. Register an account on Hillsborough County’s mySPOT system by visiting http://myspot.sdhc.k12.fl.us and clicking the “Register A New Account” link in the center of the page.

Why can't I register my own account?

Edsby parent accounts need to be linked to the accounts of their children—and only their children—to protect students’ sensitive academic and contact information. This linkage between parents and children is configured by the school or school district behind the scenes. Which is why parents need to receive a special email from their school or district, to their email address on record, in order to receive an Edsby account with the right access to the right children. Parents can’t just “sign up” to protect the security of everyone involved.

Can I have more than one child on my account?

Parents can associate any number of students with their Edsby parent login. That means parents only need to log into their single account to view all of their children’s academic progress. Here’s how to set it up.

What about kids in different schools?

No problem. Even children in separate schools in a school district can be added to a parent’s Edsby account. So a parent only needs to check and maintain a single Edsby login.

Why do I have to use the Edsby app? Why can’t I just get notifications over the Internet?

Schools and school districts that choose Edsby often do so because they’re concerned about the privacy of student data. Sending student information over the public Internet (for example, via email, Twitter or Facebook) opens schools and districts to possible violations of confidentiality. Not a lot of individual teachers are necessarily even aware of the legal exposure, but in the U.S. alone, regulations CIPA, COPPA and FERPA restrict the transmission of student data over the unencrypted Internet. So does GPDR in Europe.

Parents could, and should, be using Edsby (either on their mobile phones or browser) to follow updates that the school and their children’s teachers are publishing on Edsby. It’s encrypted and secure. And audited. And with Edsby’s internal unread tracking system, parents know through the little red bubbles in Edsby if there’s something in a specific area they haven’t read yet.

Because Edsby already tracks which parents can see the info of which student, it’s important that parents use Edsby to see sensitive info, rather than that sensitive info being shared on Twitter (which ANYONE can read) or other public social media.

If a school has chosen Edsby for confidentiality, it’s for good reason. Academic related info very personal, and schools and districts are beginning to learn of the importance of it being controlled.

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