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Learning happens best when everyone central to the education of a K-12 child is involved.

Our product has been engineered to embrace accessibility objectives that empower and engage individuals in their learning goals.


Created With Accessibility in Mind

We strive to ensure our products are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or platforms. We regularly analyze our adherence to the relevant WCAG 2.1 standards and ensure that Edsby is usable with a broad range of assistive technologies, including screen readers.

Blind teacher navigation with a screen reader.

Responsive Design

Edsby is a modern, industry-standard HTML5 web application and requires no particular network, client, client operating system, or client plugin. It adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions, not only on desktop but also on mobile, tablet, gaming consoles and even TVs.

Edsby fully supports browser and OS magnification features that allow users to enlarge text as desired.

Students love the accessibility of Edsby and many of them use their mobile devices to track homework, upcoming events and extracurriculars. Parents are using it to track their child’s schedules.
Lisa Coffey, Principal / Stewarttown Middle School

Accessibility Features Built In

An optional high contrast user interface mode in Edsby can make content easier to read.

The rich text editor built into Edsby includes an Accessibility Checker that scans for and recommends improvements in text formatting such as contrast, font size, and alt descriptions.

Audio and video recording options are available in posts, responses, and comments. Audio and and video are transcoded by Edsby, enabling playback by virtually any device on any computing platform.


Edsby is used around the world and was designed from the beginning to support international languages. It is available in dozens of languages today and more are easily added. It also supports popular browser translation extensions for translation of content.

learning management kids

Ongoing Reviews

As we design new capabilities in Edsby, we ensure new features maintain a high level of accessibility. We also conduct internal accessibility reviews and analyses using third-party tools to ensure Edsby meets and exceeds the requirements of our customers and end-users.