About Edsby

We know education software

The Edsby team has been building award-winning software for education for over thirty years.

Company founders include the founders and architects of FirstClass®, a messaging and collaboration product used by millions of students and teachers around the world and credited as the original learning management system, or LMS.

The company’s close relationships with education customers over three decades have given it insights into problems faced by teachers, students, parents and administrators. This gave the team inspiration, in 2010, with Edsby, to create a completely new engagement and data platform just for K-12 school districts, based on latest technology.

We’re good at building big systems

We have a track record of building extremely scalable and reliable systems that work for anything from a small private school to large urban school districts with hundreds of thousands of students and teachers. We also believe in active participation in our industry, and are members of industry groups like the Digital Learning AllianceIMS Global, the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and are signatories to the FPF and SIIA’s Student Privacy Pledge. and InnovateEDU’s Project Unicorn data interoperability pledge.

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Customers love EdsbyUsers are all atwitter. And the press says nice things about Edsby, too.

Edsby is a great, all-encompassing tool for education! I like the sense of community and transparency that comes with the steady stream of information on a daily basis.
Tripp Taylor, Teacher / Trinity College School


Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Edsby but were afraid (?) to ask.


    What does Edsby do?

    Edsby is the most comprehensive learning and analytics platform available for K-12. Edsby engages students, parents and teachers on all of their devices. It enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, states and provinces or national governments powerful, new ways to measure and improve their educational effectiveness. Features are described in detail here.

    What types of schools/districts is Edsby best for?

    Edsby has been developed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 school districts. It is not developed for or marketed to individual schools, higher education or corporate learning.

    What makes Edsby different?

    Three big things set Edsby apart:

    1. Edsby is designed specifically for K-12. Other LMSes try to service corporate and higher learning at the same time. Edsby’s specialization in K-12 allows it to do things critical to K-12, such as smart parent communication of grades, attendance and disciplinary data, parent approvals, parent-teacher conference scheduling, report card workflow and much more. Detail here.
    2. Because no two K-12 districts do things exactly the same, Edsby allows for deep customization, including use of local terminology, assessment schemes and even policies around reporting academic progress to students and parents—all while remaining cloud-based. Even districts’ unique report cards can be reproduced in Edsby. More here.
    3. To make district-wide rollouts quick and to minimize ongoing administration, Edsby integrates unusually tightly with existing student information (SIS), HR databases and other systems used in K-12. It lets districts leverage data and security policies that already exist, in a very elegant, zero-administration way. More details on what makes our approach different here.

    More detail on Edsby’s underlying technology here.

    How can Edsby help me?

    If you’re a teacher, Edsby streamlines grading, attendance, parent communication and other administrivia, freeing more time for teaching. And it gives you new ways to make your class shine. Read more.

    If you’re a parent, Edsby lets you see what’s happening with your kids at school, and helps you play a more active part in your childrens’ education. Read more.

    If you’re a school district administrator, Edsby provides in-depth information on every student and their status, and gives you great new ways to engage parents. Read more.

    If you’re an IT professional, Edsby interfaces elegantly with your legacy systems for quick deployment and easy ongoing administration. Read more.

    If you’re a student, Edsby is the easy way to stay up on what’s happening at school and how you’re doing. Read more.

    How do I sign up for an Edsby account?

    If your school or district doesn’t already run Edsby, you can’t log in or set up your own account. Because Edsby ties closely with a district’s other existing systems to do all the things it does, users can’t register an account and just try it. Edsby needs to be set up to talk with your systems. Invite your instructional technology or IT staff to contact us.

    If you’re a student, teacher or parent at a school or district that already uses Edsby, ask the office at your school for the information you need in order to log in. Because of the confidentiality of academic data, it’s not as simple as just setting up your own account on the Edsby website. There are special processes.

    Edsby looks interesting for my school district. How do I take a look at it in action?

    If you’re a school district administrator, or district level instructional technology or IT professional and would like to evaluate Edsby, we’d like to show it to you. Click here to request a demo.

    What are the systems my school district needs in order to use Edsby?

    At minimum, Edsby needs to talk with a student information system, or SIS, in order to do what it does. Optionally, it usually also connects to a school or district’s authentication system (like LDAP, or Active Directory), often its HR system, and sometimes even other structured data.

    Does Edsby synchronize both ways with my SIS?

    Yes, by default. Most districts want their SIS and other existing systems like authentication and HR to remain their master databases of record, so Edsby pushes and pulls information to and from them as necessary. If your district wants Edsby to retain some information, that’s possible, too.

    What sets Edsby apart from the functionality already offered by my SIS?

    Edsby goes far beyond the simple parent portal or grade sharing add-ons offered by certain student information systems. And users can use any modern web browser without any plug-ins, or apps for iOS and Android. Even better, because Edsby can work with any SIS, standardizing on Edsby gives you the flexibility to change your SIS in the future without having to change the user experience for your teachers, students and parents.

    Review our features. Then let us contrast Edsby with your SIS’s features in a demo.

    Does Edsby integrate with Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365?

    Yes. Details here.

    Does Edsby display medical information, for instance allergy information?

    Yes. This information comes from your school or district’s existing databases. It is not added separately into Edsby.

    Can Edsby be customized for my school district?

    Yes. Customization is one of Edsby’s core differentiators. We’ll implement your school or district’s existing assessment schemes for your gradebook and report cards. And we’ll reproduce your existing report card as part of our initial integration. Other customization, including custom reports like progress reports, etc., is charged for. We can describe timing and costing in a written proposal.

    How is Edsby priced?

    There are up-front charges for initial integration. There are also annual costs, variable with the number of students. Edsby does not charge for parent, teacher and administrator accounts. Certain other features are charged for annually. Contact us for details.

    How quickly does Edsby pay for itself? What’s the return on investment?

    Edsby can pay for itself in the first year on the basis of savings from paper, toner and printer maintenance alone, because far fewer assignments and notices home need to be printed. Additional savings are realized from reduced printing of student agendas, integrated attendance, grade book and report cards, lesson planning, parent portal features, parent teacher conference scheduling, parent approval workflow and online testing. Ask us about our return on investment calculator tool that shows just how much your school or district can save with Edsby based on your number of students, teachers, parents, schools and other inputs.

    How long does it take to get Edsby installed in my school or district?

    Edsby implementation can be completed as little as 2 weeks after connection is made your student information system, authentication and other systems. Note that training often takes longer.

    Can Edsby build a database of parent contact information?

    Yes. If a school or district hasn’t already collected parent information of its students, Edsby’s self-service parent registration can be used to do so.

    Who owns the data in Edsby?

    Customers own all data collected by Edsby. Customers are invited to export any data at any time.

    How do I get support?

    Edsby site administrators are invited to contact us via email, phone or within Edsby itself. Details here.

    Teachers or school admins are invited to contact us via Edsby, or seek assistance with Edsby from their school or district help desks. Details here.

    Students and parents should contact their school or school district help desks for help logging to or using Edsby. Details here.

    How expensive is support?

    Edsby does not charge customers for support.

    How do you handle training and professional development?

    We include basic training for professional staff in each new Edsby implementation. Additional training services are available. Contact us.

    Just who IS Edsby, anyway?

    About Edsby

    Gender-ambiguous. Intergalactic. Interspecies. The cheeky young time-travelling progeny of an Andorian and a colorful industrial metalworker, Edsby had a famous paternal grandfather and grandmother. The identities of his/her maternal grandparents have been lost to intergalactic lore. A distant cousin is in telecom. Another is in entertainment. Edsby is here to help our planet improve its teaching effectiveness. A favorite pastime is travel.

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