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Helping teachers succeed with Edsby

Edsby invests in helping educators learn what they need to know about Edsby in their own way, and at their own pace.

Teachers are bombarded with new applications every day. Some of them love the challenge of learning new things, and some do not. That’s why Edsby works hard to support all your educators as they learn Edsby, offering a variety of ways to help everyone get comfortable with the system in a way that works best for them.

Intuitive, modern design

To make things simple to begin with, Edsby was designed to work like the social media systems teachers already know and use. Who needed a lot of training to use Facebook?

Customized training

Edsby performs on site or remote training in large districts, often led by former teachers. In large districts, Edsby and partners train local trainers so knowledge stays in the district.

Custom videos

Edsby can create videos using a district’s specific language and messaging to make the introduction of Edsby easier for local teachers, students and parents.

Help documents

Prepackaged FAQs and dozens of training videos illustrate aspects of Edsby for teachers.

New user “tour”

There’s a tour built into the Edsby product. First time users are stepped through the basics of many areas of Edsby and can review anytime they like. With videos.

A collaborative area

There’s a place inside every Edsby system where teachers can pose questions for Edsby personnel. Answers are made available for other teachers to see and learn from.

A channel to Edsby support

Designated representatives in your team can connect with Edsby support personnel to obtain answers to your educators’ specific questions. Get real answers from real people.

A test “sandbox” to play in

Districts can be given a private Edsby server mirroring the district’s customizations so teachers and others can learn Edsby without compromising live student data.

We’re committed to helping your staff become Edsby experts, and will work with you to define and customize a deployment plan that’s right for everyone.

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Edsby is an excellent user-friendly, attractively presented learning platform that is intuitive for teachers, students, and parents.
Darryl Horrocks, Teacher / Greater Essex District School Board