Edsby for Learning Management

The broadest set of next generation capabilities in a single system made just for K-12.

Edsby has been tailor-made for the evolving needs of learning management in K-12 today. No other system has better support of collaboration and community and management of digital, in-class, and project-based activities.

An unusually wide set of capabilities not normally expected in an LMS

Other LMSes don’t do official report cards or attendance, or help teachers monitor the emotional health of their students.

Report card workflow

Teachers can use Edsby to finalize report card information and submit it to the office. No SIS login needed. Districts’ official assessment and reporting schemes and existing report card templates can be used. Comments can be freeform or from official comment sets.


A comprehensive online attendance system gives teachers a fast, simple way of entering attendance that’s better than that of most SISes. It provides sophisticated late slip handling, management of planned absences with parents, and works on mobile, too.

Attendance can be taken in Edsby and pushed to the district’s system of record, or pulled from the system and displayed in Edsby.

Emotional check-ins

Whether students are in class, hybrid or fully remote, Edsby gives teachers a quick and easy way to poll students at the beginning of their day, or throughout the day, on how they’re feeling. Students and teachers are both presented with research-based emotional regulation strategies. And educators can take action if needed, right from the same app.

World class assessment & reporting

Edsby for learning management can align your teachers with your region’s approach to assessment & reporting. It can be tailored to your terminology, grading schemes and a wide range of assessment methodologies. Standards, expectations or outcomes can be pre-loaded and automatically provided to teachers based on subjects and grade levels. A state-of-the-art gradebook has powerful weighting facilities, strand support, outcome/standards based assessment and a wide range of analysis tools. Modern formative assessment tools provide teachers, students and parents with innovative ways to capture, share and collaborate on a student’s learning journey.

Collaborative groups

Groups are an afterthought in most systems. Edsby understands teachers need to collaborate to enable effective professional development, develop shared curriculum and provide interventions for students. Students benefit from online areas for sports teams and clubs. Groups support the needs of these activities and more.

Registrations & approvals

Workflows in Edsby can secure parent permissions such as media release forms, field trip approvals, code of conduct, volunteer, fundraising organization and more. With Edsby, there’s never ambiguity when parents sign off. And forms are never lost in kids’ backpacks.

learning management - report card
Report card entry sheet showing strands.
learning management - attendance
Summary of a student's attendance.

Features for early years

Because younger children are taught and assessed differently than older students.
learning management - evidence of learning
Graphical management of evidence of learning in Edsby.
learning management - teachers
Team teaching support.

Learning evidence

In students’ early years, teacher observations and learning artifacts are critical. Edsby for learning management allows educators to record every project a student creates with photos, videos or other documents to demonstrate concept progress, mastery etc. These records are displayed back to teachers and parents a number of ways, and are available at report card time to inform teachers’ report card comments.

Subjective performance indicators

Young children are rarely evaluated with the same grades or complex rubrics as older students. In early grades, subjective performance indicators in Edsby can reflect achievement using colored distinctions like blue for excellent, green for good, yellow for satisfactory and red for needs improvement. Or other progress levels used by the district can be used. These indicators can communicate a child’s progress against federal or local standards.

Support for team teaching

Many districts use a team teaching approach in students’ early years. Edsby classes are built to support multiple teachers. Edsby’s Panorama feature, which shares everything having to do with a student’s progress, can be accessed by all educators in a school. Private groups and other features give teachers ways to collaborate for young students’ success.

Input from and connections with everyone involved in a student’s education

Guidance counselors, coaches and other school support staff have important input in the early years of a child’s schooling. Edsby connects to the HR and other systems where non-teaching staff in the school district’s roster information normally resides, so they can also have accounts and participate in Edsby.

Edsby is superior to Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle and Google Classroom as a learning management system.
Jonathan Boer, Teacher / London District Christian

The best way to fully engage parents & guardians

Parent involvement is critical to young children’s success in school. Edsby has the best parent handling of any system, bar none.

A gateway into what’s happening in class

Younger children can’t always articulate what they did in class every day. Edsby gives parents a daily look into their child’s activities so they can see evidence of their learning. Teachers can share photos, videos, lesson plans and journals capturing classroom activities, e.g. a record of “spelling words of the day” or videos of class interactions. Parents follow with web browsers or Edsby apps on mobile devices.

No manual management of students or parents

With Edsby, teachers don’t have to invest time maintaining contact information of their students or parents. As a student or parent comes and goes in the district’s systems, the change is reflected in Edsby automatically. There are no codes to send home or databases for teachers to update. School staff can use Edsby to contact any or all students and parents at any time. Teachers never have to go to the office to get contact info.

One login, any number of children

Any number of children, even at different schools, may be associated with parents’ own single logins, and other guardians and relatives can even be given similar accounts. Access to confidential student information is carefully managed by Edsby based on parent/student relationships from the district’s systems. If certain parents’ access to records must change at some point in time, Edsby instantly reflects those changes so teachers don’t have the liability of managing access to systems themselves.

Parent-teacher conference scheduling

Edsby for learning management can facilitate parent teacher conferences. Edsby can serve as the district’s master system for setting dates and times for parents to meet with their children’s teachers using whatever schedule the district has adopted.

Parents get accounts with special privileges.
learning management - PTI
Choosing from available parent teacher conference slots.

With Edsby platform features


Powerful ways for students, teachers and parents to collaborate. Convenient, secure & effective. Can be closed or open to an entire school, or even a school district or region. Open them to everyone or only make visible to specified roles (e.g. only teachers.) Ideal for teams, clubs, PD & more.

Confidential Messages

Teachers can email students, parents or anyone else in the district. No email addresses or address book needed. Addresses sync from official systems.

Content Builder

Courses can be authored in units, tagged to standards and organized with lesson plans, journals, homework, online tests and more. Copy & paste from the web and Open Education Resources. Import, rearrange and re-use content.


On one screen, educators can access everything relating to a child’s education, incl. current grades, parent info, attendance, discipline, progress reports, learning evidence, IEPs, report cards, portfolio, alerts, schedule, teacher observations & more.


Electronic portfolios of students’ best work are maintained by the student and can be viewed by parents. In earliest grades, teachers can place items into students’ portfolios on their behalf, adding first records of their learning journey.


Teacher observations on a student are recorded and visible to school or district staff having permission to see them, including the student’s other current teachers.


Gradebook settings can be defined in course models so that, for example, all Grade 5 math classes show strand averages so teachers don’t have to set them up. Course curriculum and official resources like textbooks can also be set.

Learning Object Repositories

Learning Object Repositories (LORs) enable curation of content so it can be easily searched and reused at district and/or school levels.

…powered by Unison technology

Two-way integration with legacy systems

Remarkable two-way sync with existing systems for student, teacher, class, daily schedule and other info. Connects with SISes/SMSes, HR databases, Excel files, CSVs and other structured data not normally available.

Single Sign-On

Use existing LDAP and/or Active Directory for user authentication. and perform Single Sign On (SSO) with Kerberos, oAuth, Google Workspace for Education or O365+Azure.

Data consolidation

Data from many sources can be consolidated and normalized. Proprietary and open protocols can then share data selectively with other systems consistent with customers’ policies.

Safety & Access Control

Designed for the unique needs of K-12, where safety of students & their data is paramount. Manages access of students, parents, teachers and school and district staff to ensure the right people get access to the right info.


A learning record store (LRS) tracks student activity within the system. Also tracks history of changes made to content. Enables powerful analytics.

Data sovereignty

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data stays in their region.

App Framework

Need something Edsby doesn’t do today? Custom apps can be built leveraging Edsby’s infrastructure. E.g. custom registrations, credit recovery, substitute teacher mgmt or more.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for tight interoperability with other systems.

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