Edsby for regions

The most complete way for states, provinces and countries to realize the digital future of K-12 education.

K-12 LMS for regional governments

Edsby will enable us to deliver significant benefits to New Zealand learners, their families, schools, school leaders and educators.
Dr. Craig Jones, Deputy Secretary Evidence Data and Knowledge / Ministry of Education, New Zealand

Get all students online, giving them equal chances for success.

Advanced digital learning

Supporting classrooms online

Social classroom features in Edsby help foster the same sense of community online as in physical classrooms. Teachers can create digital content with built in video and audio recording, rich web editing tools, journals and online quizzes and tests. Students can participate in class discussions and polls from any device, including computers, tablets, Chromebooks, phones, even gaming consoles, and submit work online. Teachers can track student participation and progress and meet with students through popular video conferencing tools.

Share digital content across the region

Approved content can be automatically distributed to every class in the region by grade level and subject. This can include local curriculum standards, outcomes, expectations and a wide form of digital content including e-textbooks. Approved curriculum can be curated and distributed with learning object repositories (LORs). Edsby also simplifies access to other apps used by the region via a launchpad and LTI integrations.

Supporting your local assessment & reporting approaches

Use your schemes and terms

Edsby can align your teachers with your region’s approach to assessment and reporting. This includes customization with your terminology, grading schemes and a wide range of assessment methodologies. Standards, expectations or outcomes can be pre-loaded in Edsby and automatically provided to teachers based on subjects and grade levels.

Powerful formative assessment

Edsby’s modern formative assessment tools provide teachers, students and parents with innovative ways to capture, share and collaborate on a student’s learning journey. These can be used in the classroom by a team of teachers for early years, and even by a student or parent at home as a way to share learning progress.

Best-in-class gradebook

Edsby provides a state-of-the-art gradebook with powerful weighting facilities, strand support, outcome/standards based assessment and a wide range of analysis tools (e.g. mean, mode, average, etc.) It provides elegant support for rubric-based assessment and integrated online testing.

Managing report cards region-wide

Edsby goes far beyond traditional learning management products through powerful reporting tools that meet your region’s requirements. Teachers can efficiently provide meaningful input for student report cards. Edsby can produce report cards for printing or publishing online, saving time and resources. Manage report cards across your entire region without needing to build support in each of your SIS/SMSes.

The report card and assessment tracking system is all we could ask for. And the privacy settings and ability to invite and block certain groups is seamless, which is very important for a school.
Mike Packowski, Principal / Linbrook School

Groups for local and regional capacity building, training and bonding

Supercharge learning communities

Your region’s educators can share best practices, mentor new teachers, exchange curriculum content and even jointly author course plans in Professional Learning Community (PLC) groups. Edsby knows which subjects and grade levels each teacher is teaching and can automatically add them to relevant PLCs.

Connect your administrators

Edsby groups can unite school administrators across your region. They also provide a way to share local insights and information around particular topics (e.g. “Pandemic Q&A.”)

Maximize school communication

At the school level, Edsby groups support students’ sense of belonging and well-being and provide secure ways for staff, students and parents to share. Many schools using Edsby have hundreds of groups for clubs, teams, student council, parent advisory committee and more.

A unique architecture built for the special challenges of regions.

Framework for data consistency

One SIS or many

Edsby was built specifically for the complex data environment of a region’s K-12 landscape. It’s easy to connect with one SIS/SMS for the student, teacher, class, schedule and other data of a region. But what if you manage this in multiple instances of the same SIS/SMS? Or are served by multiple different SIS/SMSes? Edsby talks to all, and creates a unified view and common data set that spans the boundaries of each to build a truly regional view.

Variety of systems of record

Edsby can pull in and normalize supplementary information from a wide range of other systems including HR databases, standardized test databases and more. It exchanges data bi-directionally. Key data generated within Edsby, such as attendance, assessment, reporting and registrations data can flow back to where you need that data to reside.

Leverages existing authentication systems

Edsby brings unprecedented flexibility to user authentication. It integrates with a range of popular systems and can provide authentication services natively. Policies can be configured on a role basis. Staff may authenticate via one kind of external authentication system, students through another, and parents through a third—typically Edsby itself. If your region delegates user authentication to individual schools or school districts, Edsby can use those distributed systems rather than a central regional one.

Region-wide rich electronic student records

When a student moves between schools, the new school knows little about the student. This is especially problematic for students who move frequently. When moving in region with Edsby, a valuable collection of student information is securely made available to educators at the new school. This can include attendance history, academic achievement information, the student’s e-portfolio, educator observations and learner support needs.

Well thought-out student privacy protection & access control

In contrast to public social media or free apps chosen by individual teachers or schools, Edsby is a safe, secure place for educator, student and parent interaction. Access is controlled by a set of roles and access controls designed for the roles of K-12. The region’s official data sources are used to govern who gets in and which roles get to do what. Student data remains under the region’s ownership and management. Compliance with local student data privacy regulations is ensured.

Edsby is a valuable tool for connecting students, families, and staff members. It is a well-developed system that allows for communication and data to flow freely and safely.
William Groot, Principal / Toronto District Christian High School

Make data-driven decisions based on latest data from across the region.

The right info to the right people at the right time

Legacy warehouses put data only in the hands of a select few data specialists, limiting its availability and timeliness. Edsby’s award-winning analytics system puts rich role-based analytics a click away for educators and administrators. Principals only see what they should about their school. Teachers only see information for students currently assigned to them by the region’s systems. Edsby updates these access controls every day.

Gain insights into student performance at all levels

Measure how students are performing. Detect attendance problem areas. Identify trends. Analyze data by gender, age, subject, ethnicity, cohort or other dimensions. Edsby can find students at risk across the region and allow educators to intervene from the same system they’re already using for classroom management, assessment and parent communication.

Modern, interactive interface

Edsby’s analytics use Microsoft’s Power BI visualization system to provide dynamic, living dashboards with filtering and drill-down only a click away. Edsby provides a wide range of ready-made dashboards, can generate custom dashboards and enable regions to generate their own.

Security. Reliability. Scalability. Data sovereignty. All covered.

Proven for region-scale deployments

Edsby uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to meet the scalability, reliability and security requirements a region requires. Microsoft’s broad global coverage with Azure enables Edsby to keep a region’s data in the geography that meets its data sovereignty requirements. Microsoft was so impressed with Edsby’s use of Azure it awarded Edsby its Global Education Partner of the Year in 2019.

Reduced data privacy risks

Learning organizations that don’t have a comprehensive managed modern learning platform are at risk of privacy breaches when teachers turn to freeware found on the Internet. With free apps, organizations have little control over where and how student data is stored or potentially monetized. Edsby reduces a region’s exposure with modern assessment and student/parent engagement tools so teachers no longer need to take risks.

Doing right by K-12.

Tailor-made just for K-12

Unlike other companies that sell primarily to higher education and/or corporations, Edsby is solely focused the needs of K-12 students, teachers and parents. Edsby’s broad support for parents and rich formative assessment features for early year learners are but two examples.

An inclusive solution for all

Edsby does the heavy lifting to automatically set up classes, students and parents for educators. Even teachers not on the cutting edge of technology can easily use the pre-configured tools Edsby provides. Your teachers can “fly in formation” regardless of their tech savvy, to the benefit of every student and parent.

Comprehensive teacher training

To ensure educators’ success, Edsby includes training plans with each deployment. Hundreds of online videos and text help files are available. A built in “tour” introduces new users to system basics. Edsby Professional Development groups provide for online teacher training, and more. The more capacity you build with Edsby, the more your educators will use it.

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Edsby is the best software package for attendance, grading and communicating on the market.
John VanderWindt, Principal / Quinte Christian High School