Viewing Report Cards

If a particular organization has chosen to share Report Cards online, parents can easily view their children’s Report Cards through their Edsby account.

To view a child’s Report Card online, login to the Edsby web browser. If the organization has submitted the Report Cards online, a button will become available in the Classes panel of each child. Click View Report Cards.

This will open the child’s most recent Report Card.

If the organization has used Edsby for Report Cards in previous years, parents can navigate to their child’s Report Cards from all years in which they have been published online. Click the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the Report Card to reveal a list of previously published reports.

In this example, this organization has only published Report Cards for the current term.

Parents can also view previous report cards for specific classes through My Work. Hover over a child’s class, click My Work and select the Previous Report Cards tab.

Note: Parents can only access their children’s Report Cards via the Edsby web browser at this time. Report Cards are not currently available via mobile app.